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1JZ Joined 500 RWHP Club Today :D..(video)

Took the car to the dyno today and it did O.K. :bigok:

Here are a couple dyno sheets tune at 14 psi on 92 pump gas.

And here are the other dyno sheets tune at 27 psi on 114 octane leaded fuel.

SAFC is at "0" from 5k-7k in the 540 run.


T-66 with 3in DP to 3in Exhaust
Home Made Clutch (combine parts from rps 3200lb and act stage 2)
mk4 550 injectors
walbro pump
Bone Stock Motor including cams and headgasket

Looks like I will be needing more fuel + cams + ignition and we will see what happen then.

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Larry_A said:
WEARY means to be too tired. I think you meant WARY, which means to be cautious.

Word selection aside, your message is pertinent. With those AFs, I'd pull the spark plugs and look for speckling, to err on the side of caution...but anyone who is capable of those dyno sheets and drove it home, already knows this. The way those curves plateau & practically level off to the end of the chart is beautiful.

Enjoy the car, but please be careful. I'm a dad, so I had to say it.

Take care.
Thanks for the kind words, I'm only driving around with 14psi.

83'Mk2L said:
[Like I said I need a ride in that thing.
Maybe one day, but only on low boost though ;)

I hope the link works for everybody because it work just fine for both of my computers.

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RHD Soarer said:
Nice #'s man. Car sounds sick
Just got a 1jz in my car and I will be going single soon. But what is the recommended turbo tha tmost guys run that can yield those numbers however spool up quicker?

Also where you running stock map on that or JDM supra?
I heard you cant boost much over 15 on stock 1j map is this true?

And if you go with bigger injectors like 720's can you still use the AFC?

Sorry for all the questions :bigthumb:

- Stock map
- Not sure but I'm boosting beyond that right now
- 720 should still work with the afc because -50% is only 360

Nice numbers. Are you running the stock ECU? How are you controlling your fuel and boostin 27psi with the stock ECU?
- Stock ECU
- AFC controls air/fuel
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