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Hi Guys.. im sorry if i posted this thread in the wrong forum.. im not quite sure where to place this thread..

1st of all i would like to state that im using a Nissan Skyline with a 1jz engine probably coming from a soarer engine since my water pump is the non hydro version.

my 1st question is..

Since my car already has the rear housing of a non hydro pump.. does this mean that i can either get the same 1jz pump.. or i can also buy a 2jz pump without the hydro setup?

will the 2jz pump fit my current rear housing?

or do i still have to buy the rear housing?

another question is.. How many types of pumps this they come out with the 1jz? as i was looking at the parts from and they had 3part numbers for the pump.

depending on the year.. for example
1991-93 =
1993-95 =

how would i know which one fits mine?
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