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Well sinces this hasnt been started and I'm Very interested in how many people on this forum we have thats 1j? So might as well get a little roll call going!

Ill start off!

Clinton Griffin
Mesa, Az
1988 1jz

Update: 7/16/11
Gold Canyon, AZ
1989 1JZ big single.

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Monmouth, NJ
1989 NA Hardtop --> 1JZ
5 Speed

no mods... ;)

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Pete Howard
N of Philly
1986 MK2 Supra
1JZ, used to be a 7MGTE
Front mount, Cam Gears, 3" exhaust, custom Y Pipe, Fidanza Flywheel, Unorthodox Pulleys, mk4 NA 5sp Trans, HKS AFR, 16" rims, Tokicos, Eibachs, Sway Bars, U/E bushings, + more!

Moderator, l337 M0d3r4t0r
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Eric W
Toronto, Ontario
1987 TTT (twin turbo targa) ;)
twin k26 sard turbo kit
Too much to list..
Trying to get it working still.

Edit **Working now!** twin k26's, 4' ic, 3 AIC, walbro, mk4 550's, bulit r154, dual 2.5" dp's to 3" dump.

list goes on and on

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Mr. Jalopi
San Diego, CA
*sold* 88 1jz w/ stock twins

Current - 89 hardtop 1jz single
custom t3/t4 turbo kit (spools faster than stock twins)
hks cam gears
samco hoses =p
hks bov
hks exhaust
440cc injectors
Megan IC (works nice)

going to PA this summer to help pay for my NEW project. you'll see when i get back.

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Randy D
87 Targa
Custom twin GT28R setup almost done
550's, mk4 fuel pump, E-manage, Mines ECU,
Spearco IC, HKS High Power exhaust, 4.10 Torsen diff

evil will always triumph
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broken.... i mean supraman741
91 targa 5speed
1.5jz single turbo
atlanta ga
mods on page 6 i think in my sig
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