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I have a 96 Mazda RX7 FD3S Swapped to a 1JZ (JZZ30)

1JZ Questions!!!
1) IACV on Aftermarket Intake Manifold?
(Currently deleted)
Do I have to use the check valve and rubber with it? They just drop in the manifold there is place for the IACV but It does not support the valve and rubber.

2) I don't have a non return valve on the Brake Cylinder Vacuum.
Brakes work fine off boost, While on boost pedal is hard first but as soon as boost finishes pedal is back to normal.

3) How much of a difference can the Air Intake Temp sensor make?
I have it installed in the manifold but the wires got cut and I do not remember which way they were supposed to be and I do not know if it works or not.

4) TPS Voltages on 100mm throttle body?
I'm idling at 800-900rpm at 0.6 Voltage on Idle.

5) I get 3rd gear cut.
Coils are not cracked. Plugs are new gapped to spec. Turbos are making boost fine. Compression is 160-170 all across. Have not checked for boost leaks yet. AFR's are 10.8-12 at WOT. Fuel Pressure Stock.

6) PCV Valve
I have put the PCV back into the Intake Manifold like OEM but does it require a Non-Return Valve?

Edit: When I blow into the PCV it closes so PCV is a type of Non-Return Valve?
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