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ok. I've got a 1jz single turbo swapped into a 240. i re-did the ecu plugs to run the swap off a jdm 2jz auto ecu (aristo). all was well until the other night i was beatin on it kidna hard and managed to have some wires move around and touch the exhaust and i melted some power and grnds together. right when i let off the gas my apexi neo lost power and so of course the car wouldn't run.
so i pull over and cut the map wires and splice them together to bypass the apexi neo and the car will run but very very rich...i've replaced all the wiring i could find that was melted together and even after replaced powers and gnds that were stuck together...the car still behaves the same will idle a lil rough...will rev perfectly fine...but when holding a steady throttle it will get super rough..because it's mad rich(well below 10.0 a/f's). only during the revs will it behave normal....if i unplug the map nothing changes? if i unplug the tps the car shuts off..if i unplug the o2 sensor nothing changes...
i'm basically wondering if anyone has maybe had a sensor problem before that causes this issue of runnin mad rich but that's the only problem. i opened the ecu and nothin is burnt. i just know everything for the frikkin motor is kinda tricky to find and expensive so i'm not in the mood to just buy shit and find that it's not the problem...just seeking opinions...if you unplug your map will your car behave the same way as mine? tonight i will be using a dvm to go through and prolly check all wires for continuity to see if maybe i missed a wire..cause a lot of grounds burnt up. just did a lot of ramblin...but yeah haha, please someone help me out a bit.
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