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1JZ Swap, driveshaft doesn't engage?

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Just finished an Auto 1JZ-GTE swap, everything seems to be fine, but when I put it into gear R D 2 L, it seems to go into gear but the driveshaft doesnt seem to engage with it, therefore getting us nowhere. Did I miss something somewhere or is the tranny f-ed
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i dont know much about autos, but it sounds to me like the tranny itself is fubar'd

you can feel the tranny engage the gear but not turn the shaft??? if you can feel it engage the gear but not turn the shaft the only thing i can think of is that the trq converter is slipping?
did the trans and motor come complete? who did the swap?
yeah the tranny and the motor came in one piece. and I did :D
stupid question? Is the driveshaft fully inserted into the tailshaft of the trans?
then you prably didnt wire it right. I hope you have warrenty. yo!
wiring would do that eh? I guess i'll recheck the wiring, but overall, everything was plug and play and oh btw this is into a sc300 :D forgot to mention that
considering any 1jz convertion isnt plug and play, and the sc swap is a little more involved in wiring. yeah, you fucked up some where.
it's a soarer harness, just had to extend as far as I know it
stupid question? Is the driveshaft fully inserted into the tailshaft of the trans?
it's a soarer harness, just had to extend as far as I know it
yeah, just like the jza70, you need to convert it. or better yet, the 2jzgte is the same harness plugs, and that still needs to be converted.
did you extend the harness right? if you have to thing twice, that means no you did not do it right.
we didn't extend the ECU harness, just the connectors for the fuel pump, gauges, etc
yeah, the more you type about it, the more it seems like you messed up.
I guess I'll double check, since I didn't do the whole harness myself, I had him do it since he's the owner :D but he did seem like the ones he did were pretty shitty, I guess i'll double check for him, but besides that, I never knew that the driveshaft would have something to do w/ the harness o_O
Ok i have an sc300 with 1jz in it... and have had a similar problem to this...Did you use a soarer transmission or did you keep the stock 2jzge in there? You can have two problems..Either your trans is shot or your ecu could be bad. You dont have to extend ecu wires only the body plus make sure to solder connections and proper gauge wire..I think i used 18 if i remember correctly.
It's still using the 1JZ-GTE auto tranny that came with it, I'm going to check out all the connections tomorrow, but what was your problem? the tranny or the ecu? On the gauge we can see the ecu reads the transmission senses the shifts but that's about it.
b4 you jump the gun on the ecu do all the mechanical checks ie.. fluid level, the shifter is alligned properly ( that while in D your not actually in N). if it goes into reverse then it should go into 1st. if it don't then its a good chance that it is bad.
we checked the wiring today, and everything seems fine. What we found out though is that the car starts to move a little at high rpm (5K+) but barely, so my guess and thanks to Moe's suggestion is that it's the torque converter.
Sorry if you already did this but did you check the tranny fluid level? If you did check again because maybe it was low
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