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Hi, This is my first supra, MKIII-1jz swap, and I love this thing. It has been running OK. I found a bunch of vacum tubes that had cracks, leaks, missing, etc... changed all of the tubing to silicone, added boost controller, but havent turned it up at all. All of the power and boost came back. It was running great at that point. then a couple days later, I start it early one morning and it shoots to 2000rpms and wont come down. I had to work, so couldnt mess with it. come back after work and it starts perfectly. if anything I would say it was idling a little low, but just barley. then, the next day it started again. If I let it run for a minute it will start to surge and drop every 2-3 seconds. sometimes it seems to keep going up to about 2500rpms. Im getting scared. so I started to mess with it and no luck yet. I pulled the tube on the map and plugged it, it drops the idle alot, but still not where it should be. i tried adusting the TPS and it changed a little more, but still not where it should be. I need some suggestions if anyone has any. Im going to try taking apart the ISCV. I think I read somewhere that if you plug the tube to the map and it drops, then the ISCV may be stuck open.
Thanks in advance to anyone who can help...

Take care all,
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