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1jz throttle position sensor

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Need a throttle position sensor for my 1jz. Would anyone happen to know what other vehicle i can use one off of? Since it is hard to find one off of a 1jz. (Thanks)
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your gonna have to try and use the part number on the tps at the dealer. they'll cross referance it for you.

the mkiv supra uses the same tps, i have it on my 1j and it works. the plug is exactly the same
i think the 4age is the same one also, i have a extra one if you need it. just pm me i'll try to get you some pics
Hey guy's thanks for that information.
I know for a fact Advanced Auto Parts can get that part cheaper than the dealer... just give them the Toyota part number and they can order it

I had to do that for my 1JZ over a year ago.
there is a bunch of online auto parts places that carry this item for around 70 bucks i want to say.

just google the part number
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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