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1jz turbo selection

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I was looking at this one : here's the compressor map

I used a VE of 85% to be a bit on the conservative side, max pressure of 1.36 BAR, and max RPM of 8000. Looks like it would do pretty well as it is at about the 79% effeciency curve. Any idea when I would see full spool on this?
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Looks like the AMS GT-37R turbo. You'll see full boost by 4,000 give or take 100 rpms I have estimated. ( I tested my results againest my professor here at school, I am a Aerospace Engineering student). I said it would flow to 8125 rmp's.This is a bad ass street turbo making good power! I personnally would like a GT-40R but i keep thinking on picking up this turbo.
welp, that makes the decision. exactly where I wanted to see full boost on. I imagine it comes on at about 2800 with full by 4k. perfect.
Yeah just about. Talk to AMS about getting that turbo, I dont know what their prices are at, but I heard they are fair when someone has a lower price.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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