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1st gen Celica / S2000 motor combo

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I hope this isn't a repost... I found this on another forum and didn't see anything about it here. In spite of the odd coupling, I like this car.

From Carscoop:
"We just love first generation Toyota Celicas for their rear-wheel drive layout and for their clean, sexy looks. And this 1971 Celica must be one of the best examples we’ve seen lately. Koich, the car’s owner, not only restored this classic Japanese coupe but he took things a bit further by completely upgrading the Celica’s mechanics. Under the near stock exterior, this beautiful “Japanese Sleeper” is equipped with a Honda S2000, F20C inline 4-cylinder engine which produces 243 Hp @ 8,300 rpm and 153 ft·lbf (208 Nm) of torque @ 7,500 rpm. The engine is matted to the S2000’s 6-speed manual gearbox.

Other mechanical upgrades include the new suspension with AE86 aftermarket goodies and the high-performance brakes with Wilwood calipers. Inside, Koichiro threw most of the Celica’s stock components installing a 10pt roll cage, Sparco bucket seats and a Honda S2000 digital instrument cluster along with AEM ECU and serial gauges. We don’t know how the Celica drives, but we’re more than tempted to find out."
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I love that damn car. There is another thread on the subject from a few months ago that is quite inspiring but I can't find it right now. :(
That thing is amazing, I love the first gen Celicas.

While I would have prefered to see a Toyota engine in there I got to admit that is one badass car and probably fun as hell!:agreed:
How much does a 3SGTE weigh? I think that is the correct engine code for the MR2 turbo motor... Anyway, if that motor is fairly light and can be mated to a RWD tranny then that would be a lot of fun in a car that light.
Damn nice looking car!

I have always wanted one, but have never had that much luck finding any for sale in decent shape.
that guy plus a few more have been hanging around here in the bay area for a long time now.. seeing them in person is amazing. having the factory digital honda s2000 dash and seats as well as a modded f20 motor
Sexy = yes
Original = yes

why = :wtf:

There were SO many other cheaper options that would have made it a HELL of a lot faster. I just don't see the point. There's only so much power you can put out of the S2K motor. And that's with 30+lbs of boost peaking at 8K rpm's with that pig. :dunno: I just don't get it. :wavey:
I just don't get it. :wavey:
If you want an NA 4-banger (what the car came with) that's the top of the heap... unless you go K20A.
And that's with 30+lbs of boost peaking at 8K rpm's with that pig.
WTF are you smoking? This is one of the purer, more 'appropriate' motor swaps out there

good day sir
If you want an NA 4-banger (what the car came with) that's the top of the heap... unless you go K20A.
Werd... :)

Only possible issue with the K20 is mating it to a FR. MR on the other hand... :D
Sveetness !

Gotta love a 9k redline on lightweight cars. Bet it just screams down the road :)

I've seen that in person as well and it's just something you can gawk at and not feel stupid doing.
friend of mine has one of these sitting in front of his house with a bad motor. were trying to decide what to swap into it. any suggestions?
LSx for sure

if not, a 2jz-gte, 3s-gte, rb2xdet

id go with an LSx tho
he wants to stick with a toyota motor tho
3sge beams motor from the celica in japan.. 4agze or 20v 4age itb(blacktop)
id go with an LSx tho
Which one ? That's pretty vague for offering of advice. :nono:
Are there any forums on the web that offer information/classifieds for these vehicles besides

Thanks people.
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