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Way tooo tired to go into depth...

1st place street tire class
just got back.

I will write up a summary tommorow but I do really want to thank the following people,

Matt Andrews: for being a damn hot shoe

Ryan Hawkins: lent me enough parts that I swear his car was there in spirit

JC: portable mechanic extrodinair

Drew: 2 words, Data Aquisition.

Brian Lee: been there since day 1!

Jason Liu:
who else would i cuddle with?

Mike Shader: german engineering at its finest

Steve A: it would have been no fun being the only supra there! thanks for the support

Juhon: Man , this guy shows up at 5pm when everything is wrapping up just because he said he would, true dedication , thanks for the support!

factor x racing: Mikey and his crew were the friendliest competitors I have ever dealt with... bar none stand up acts. thank you for your help!

and I definately couldn't have gotten the car where it is without the support of

MVP Motorsports
Dusty is the man when it comes to anything supra parts related, that goes without saying. nuff said.

DynoXtreme Without Sarkis and JC my car would still be lowly bpu and sitting miserably in my garage. They are without a doubt some of the best guys out there. Tuning, installs, hookah's whatever you need you'll find it there.

Premier Auto Collision
who doesn't have a good body shop ready, especially when matt andrews is tossing your car 100mph into a turn?

THE RADIATOR. no cooling problems WHATSOEVER!

Kevin, and Mike. Man these two are the best. Thanks for helping me out whenever i needed it. Yokohama truly makes THE best TIRE. our results are surely proof

Now here are the cliffs:
sunday test and tune = 2:02.85
Wednesday Time Attack = 2:01.50

Tires: Yokohama Advan Neova's 285/30/18 & 295/30/18

Fastest Steet tire car of the day.
2nd place was falken's (no where near streetable [no windows]) rx-7. 2:02.6

i'm sure i'm forgetting people , i'll edit this tommorow. I have absolutely no sleep yet... must sleep to be coherent.

thanks again to everyone. zZZzz



Where do I start? These past few days have been possibly the most productive days of my life haha. I have a new found respect for all those that compete in events like this (especially those events such as ultimate street car challenge).
We spent all last week making ducting for the new PWR radiator, and dialing in the camber with the upper adjustable a arms from Jeff Brausch of Colorado Racing. Sunday was spent dialing in the car. We went from 2:14 seconds... down to finally 2:02.8 on sunday. Between Sunday and Wednesday, we were able to get our hands on a set of fresh Advan Neova's and go wider in the front w/ a 285 size tire. Thanks to Serv for lending me his ccw's however they weren't able to fit w/o rubbing a bit, so we ended up borrowing Ryan Hawkins brand spanking new in the box sealed Work Meisters. Ryan ... i owe you big time.

Tuesday night:
We drove 2.5 hours out to button willow, followed by 2 support vehicles. Unfortunately the brakes felt extremely mushy , so we ended up bleeding brakes in the motel 6 parking lot for 2 hours and ended up sleeping at 3 am. 5:30 rolls around and after a weary 2.5 hours of sleep i wake up and caravan with the rest of the street cars to the button willow track. Brakes still mushy, and our take was that it was the master cylinder giving out. Either way I wasn't driving so it was only Matt's life at stake :ugh2: ;) .

Wednesday Morning:
After gawking at all the other cool cars and meeting Steve A w/ the unlimited top secret supra we made out way to our paddock and starting setting up. Our first hot run ended up with the exact same time of 2:02.8 as Sunday. We knew the car had more, but perhaps it was Matt's better judgement to go all out on my mushy brakes.
2nd hot run: we were ecstatic finding out through the data acq that we shaved 1.3 seconds off leading to our best time of the day at 2:01.5 . this would eventually be our fastest time of the day while the tires were still good and the temperature was still around 60 degrees.
our 3rd and 4th run were a bit slower but we suspected temps and such slowing us down. But after a few more changes it definately felt better acording to Matt.

Overall the event was a blast, and I once again Sincerely sincerely thank all those that were a part of the journey and event, as well as the sponsers that continue to support a decade old car. There's something pleasing seeing our common dyno queens tear up a track home to high hp awd cars. We weren't able to get the boost controller working so we ony could run at .9 bar off the wastegate. Which is roughly 440-460rwhp. More boost, More tire, More Matt = sub 2:00 for sure.
I'll definately be taking care of some more issues like the brakes, master cylinder etc and hopefully more guys will come out and support us and the other supras out there competing (steve, kahlee).

Thanks again guys,


"he will Crush you... like Stalin."

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That's awesome man. Sorry I couldn't be there to see. Had to work... But good job. Way to get the Supras out in the scene some more !! Hope there is some videos coming Curtis....

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Awesome curtis, thanks for the props.

It feels so great to win. Matt, I am blown away by your driving and I am the guy who looks at the data, really.

I still cant believe the data. 1.3Gs sustained 1.4peak? Thats a STREET tire with full tread!!!! Even yokohama was tripping out, they kept asking me how can I verify the data I got it verified from GPS positional and G sensors! I am gonna send them the data tomorrow.

All guys who did the mechanical, any doubts I had were put to rest, great work! There were so many things that could have gone even faster. Those times were run with sketchy brakes from a last minute leaking master cylinder, Matt had to go real easy on them. So so much more refinement to go and just get faster from here. This is the setups first real test. I am very excited to see whats coming up. With that magic alignment setup Matt got dialed plus rubber that hasn't been beat up for three sessions should be some serious heat not counting all the things that can be changed that we know of to make the car faster like something higher than wastegate default boost :bowdown:

This is the most fun I had with cars in a long time. Thanks for that.

I got back from trying to track down a memory card for the data aq at 3:30am, wake up for race day at 6am and just got back from the 4 hr drive home. So tired must sleep.

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Holy crap, congrats to you guys, that is amazing. I knew you guys were gonna make a statement when I was watching you test on Sunday. 1.3Gs sustained WOW. Matt AMAZING driving, I definitely want some seat time with you next time we meet up at a track day. Curtis beautiful car looked great out there. Still can't believe you guys put down those times on stretched street tires and 1 BAR. There's a <2:00 in that car no PROBLEM. Great work guys well done.

:rockon: :bigok:

Drew, where was the highest G level being pulled? Riverside?

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Curtis, today we accomplished a truly amazing feat! Finally, your car is now all show AND all go, with Matt Andrews behind the wheel of course! I learned a lot today just trying to help out. And even though the rest of us were pretty much noobs at the track, the car pretty much had no problems! I'm sure Matt will chime in here shortly.


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way to mutha fukin go curtis/matt!!! dude i was waiting for you to call me curtis.............???

big congrats guys :bowdown:

huge props for taking home #1 spot baby!!! gotta feel good :) can't wait to read your post on the summary as to what you guys ran, how the car was, the competition etc etc.

how was the unlimited class??? how did steve fair out?

anyway, i'm super happy for you curtis that your car ran that well!! lol matt for driving it there... building the car is just half the battle. so matt, do you have any change of hearts as to the supras being the king of the road course!? jk :)

any videos???

hahaha 14psi through a small single turbo!!! sick :bowdown:

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unlimited class was pretty crazy with the porsche tearing up the track at a blistering time and yet it almost seemed as if everyone was plagued with problems will go into detail later but yeah the Porsche rocked.
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