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brianb said:
Thanks Zylo. It's a Sequoia, not a 4Runner. We've had several 4Runners, one of them had a TRD supercharger(and hauled ass...), however, none of them were modded. The Sequoia has an overall lift of 3.5", and it levels out the fender gap so that both the front and rear are pretty much equal. Stock tires are ~29.5" OD, but now I'm running pro-comp x-terrain 33's.

I now want an prev. gen Tacoma 4 Door with a 6" lift, and like a 1" body lift with 35s...

See pic of the side profile:
I was gonna say, that looks like a sequoia. You have any rubbing issues with the 33's? They look good though. :bigthumb:

Nice job on the detailing!
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