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Awesome! I'm dying for my new house to be finished. I'm currently in an apartment and don't have the space/water access that I need. Previously I lived in Europe in a busy town where I had no garage, so that wasn't possible either. I've always wanted to have the time/space/materials to work on my car as desired...

I've done some reading at and have purchases all the materials I need for the following. It's slightly different from yours, but probably will yield the same results:

The Perfect Shine™ is a simple process that reliably achieves the best shine possible on any paint finish. Follow these steps and product recommendations:

1 Wash your car twice with a high concentration of car wash solution. I recommend 1Z Perls Shampoo. If your car is excessively dirty, you can use Dawn dish-washing liquid. If you do, be sure to rinse thoroughly.

2 After washing and drying, examine your car's paint with your hand. If the paint is not perfectly smooth, use a paint-cleaning clay system and clay lubricant to remove the surface contamination.

3 When the paint is clean and free of surface contamination, examine again for minor surface damage. If you find heavy scuffs or surface scratches, repair these flaws with a fine rubbing compound or scratch remover. If your paint has swirl marks and other minor micro marring, use a swirl remover polish. I also use swirl remover polish to remove any surface hazing created by using rubbing compound. You can polish by hand or machine. I prefer to work by hand unless the paint has heavy damage or swirl marks.

4 Now it's time to glaze your paint to bring out its full gloss potential. For this I recommend a fine hand polish. I typically use a product like P21S Paintwork Cleanser or SONUS Paintwork Cleanser. If your paintwork is already in perfect condition, you can skip this step.

5 Once perfectly polished, your paint is ready to be sealed. For this I use a product that's been protecting my cars since 1987, Klasse All-In-One. The Klasse acrylic formula has proven its quality to me again and again. Klasse All-In-One is a one-step acrylic resin that cleans, lightly polishes and protects paint with a durable acrylic finish. The best way to apply Klasse All-In-One is with a foam applicator pad. Klasse All-In-One contains cleaners that remove previous layers of Klasse All-In-One. If you wish to apply additional Klasse acrylic protection, you can apply one or more coats of Klasse Sealant Glaze. Klasse Sealant Glaze does not contain cleaners; it is a pure acrylic sealant. Additional layers of Klasse Sealant Glaze will increase protection and finish depth.

6 You're almost there. The final step, the literal icing on the cake, is waxing. You may be asking, "After polishing and sealing, why wax?" The answer lies in the richness of color, depth and clarity that only a high-quality carnauba wax can bring out on a polished surface. For this job I reach for Pinnacle Souveran. Pinnacle Souveran Wax is a true show car wax. Compared to other show car waxes of similar formula, Pinnacle Souveran offers the most stunning results on black and red cars. Pinnacle Souveran brings out a warmth and depth on red and yellow that is hard to duplicate. On black and dark blue cars, the paint looks like a reflection in a pool of water. Close seconds to Souveran are Pinnacle Signature Series and P21S Carnauba Wax.
On steps four through six, I use a quality foam applicator to apply product (except Klasse Sealant Glaze, which requires a terry cloth applicator) and a waffle weave microfiber towel to buff. For final buffing of the Carnauba wax, I use the Concours Buffing Towel.
It cost almost 200 bucks in supplies (damn that stuff is costly) but I'm hoping it will be worth it!
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