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1st time at track BPU-

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Don't laugh, The stock clutch is on it's last leg so i just dropped the clutch off the line. Which got me my :rolleyes: awesome:rolleyes: 60ft times.

60' -- 2.533
330 -- 6.197
1/8 -- 8.930
MPH -- 90.53
1000 -- 11.252
1/4 -- 13.191
MPH -- 114.04



Had to let off in second on the first two a bit because the back end kicked out bad. I missed second on the 2.326 60fter. The car spun all the way through second every time.

yeah, yeah i dont want to hear the shitty 60ft time jokes:D

This is what I ran: pulled headlight, reset ECU every run, pump gas, 3/4 tank, weight was 3595lbs, 26psi Kuhmos 265's.

Mods: [email protected], Greddy FMIC, DP, Hallman boost controller @18.5psi

Any comments/ criticism welcome.
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I went to the track a few months ago when I had a downpipe,exhaust and Greddy BCC. I didnt have a boost controller so my car was running a little higher than stock boost due to the downpipe. I had the stock size 255's Sumitomos in the rear and here is what I ran on 93 octane pump gas.

60' 2.068
330 5.762
1/8 8.636
mph 86.75
1000 11.112
1/4 13.168
mph 110.38

I am going to the track tomorrow with brand new Sumitomo 275's in the rear. I will also be running race fuel,have the boost now set at 18 psi and will reset the ecu before I run. I dont know how much quicker I will run compared to my above run after doing these few things but I will let you know tomorrow. I have heard that you can knock quite a bit of time off by using race fuel. I forgot to say that I have an automatic 94 Supra....
Bastard! :D Nice 60fter. I don't have the money to get a new clutch now so I tried not to abuse it at all.

With that 60ft time, when you turn up the boost, I would assume you will be pretty deep in the 12's. Keep us updated. I would like to see what difference it makes as well.
I went to the track today in NJ and got decent results. Because of the really cold weather it was hard to get a good launch and the times suffered a little bit. A couple of my friends with all wheel drive Talons were spinning all 4 tires out of the hole. Anyway, here is what I ran.

60' 2.120
330 5.676
1/8 8.428
mph 89.01
1000 10.756
1/4 12.705
mph 116.00

When I was there I saw a 96 Supra also. He was at BPU plus a fuel computer and he ran a 12.01 at 118mph. I couldnt figure out how he was running so much better than me. He did run with BF Goodrich Drag Radials but I cant see them accouting for a .7 advantage in the 1/4.
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