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Hey guys. I am moving to a GForce 9" setup and selling both of my Auto TT Diff's and 1 Auto diff cover.

** 1st--
Auto TT 3.76 gearing. This is with the discontinued TRD Limited slip. I have run this for the last few years but decided to move up to a 9" setup so I can turn the power up and not worry about breaking an axle. These are becoming hard to track down. I have a nice Toyota diff box to ship it in.
$1,850 + shipping OBO

** 2nd--
I am also selling my backup Auto TT rear end (3.76) I built this as a back-up for when I took the car to Rocky Mountain Race Week and wanted to travel with a spare. The ring gear is missing a single tooth and and the factory LSD is welded together to create a spool. This has been setup (as you can tell from the paint on the teeth in the picture) but never used.

This would work great as a Drift or Drag setup.

Looking for $700 obo, buyer pays actually shipping.


View attachment 227601

** 3rd--
Auto TT rear diff cover. Will have pictures up in a few days
$125 shipped, obo


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