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2 Heads Are Not Better (Edited - Pics Added)

Hey All,

It's a long story so I'll make it short.

Bought a 90 MKIII Turbo A/T w/BHG. Price was decent and the rest of the car was super clean.

Nightmare begins...

Took to a local shop here that seems to know a lot about the 7MGTE motor. They pulled the head and sent is over to their machine shop for testing and shaving because a Cometic Metal Head Gasket was going to be installed.

The machine shop replied a couple days later saying the head is too warped to be used. I then found a rebuilt 7MGE head online without cams. All other parts were there. I figured I can pull the cams off mine and put them in the new head. Wrong, the cams were bent as well.

New OEM spec cams ordered. Now machine shop says caps on the head I bought are not original and will cause the cams to freeze up.

I am now super frustrated.

Is this true? If somewhere along the line during the rebuild process, someone decides to swap the original cam caps for a different set, will this cause the cams to sieze up?

I would appreciate your thoughts/suggestions.

UPDATE: I'm adding a picture for you to see.
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