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Okay, ill keep it brief.

Kill# 1
On my way to work. an 05 model STi was tailgating me. I move over and he gives me no attention at all.... so i put it in 3rd and put like 5 cars on him in like 2 secs. which catches his attention. So we line up and i beep the horn and we both drop it at about the same time. We got up to 160ish and by then he was a good 4-5 cars behind me. He drives by me a gives me a sign that he wants some more, but i had to exit and go to work. I was surprised how he kept up with me throughout the race. we literally went from 60ish to 160ish and he was still 4-5 cars behind me... are modified STi's that fast??

On my way back from work, i saw some xenon lights behind me coming up fast. I knew it was a sedan so i looked to see what it was. Audi S6 avant!!! wow sweet. So i get right next to him and tried to get him to bite. He didn't even look at me so i even opened my window.... so he drops the hammer and i do so too. It wasn't even a match as i put like 4 or more cars on him by the time we were doing 110ish. so i let off and he speeds off into the night. Rare car though hence thats the first i seen in my life. Im sure if he was driving the rs6 he probably woulda smoked me... but too bad he wasn't.

heres my mods: 62-1, bolt-ons, 550s, maftpro set up (yes, still home-tuned), and bone stock intercooler....
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