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2 MKIV Spottings: Harford Co. Maryland

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The white one was spotted on Rt 136 Tuesday morning around 8 am, heading north.
The black one spotted on Jarrettsville Rd. heading into Forest Hill about a month ago, this one had a front mount and exhaust, looked very clean.
Anybody here/
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Hmmm....neither one was me, mine isn't white or black.........or running:furious:
The black one might be Juston, I think his is black, and he lives in Forest Hill.
Not me, mine is white and rarely driven out of my garage in Forest Hill.

But soon to be running an itsy, bitsy, 61mm turbo:agreed:
You got me Chris, I know alot of them around here but not really sure. I heard there is a red one seen in Bel Air with a nice blonde driving it.
Thats funny, my wife had ours down in Bel Air last week, but shes a redhead?? :)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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