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MKIV4Door said:
I use to believe the same thing . Sorry though, but you are both wrong, 2jz motors are interference motors, im positive of that.
Positive eh? Find something to back up what you're saying. The 2jz-gte and 2jz-ge engines, unless modified with camshafts with greatly increased lift or oversized valves) are non-interference engines:
(last sentence of the first paragraph on "engine general description"

Though it does appear that the 1998+ vvti 2JZ-GE engine is an interference engine. . .

Or you could try giving your local toyota mechanic a call. . .they could also set you straight.

It appears that MKIV4door drives a lexus with swapped gte internals. . .who wants to bet that his is a '98+ with VVti?

It's also a wonderful thing that they're non interference or i would have had a head full of bent valves when my timing belt got cut last winter.
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