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Hey guys,
I saw 2 supras yesterday. For me thats alot of run ins unless there's a meet going on that I don't know about....

One was silver heading on 130N near the rt 38 / 70 / Ben Franklin Bridge exit / Cooper River. I was about 10 cars behind you in traffic but it looked like you were wingless......

The other was a white 93-96 supra parked outside Flower World on rt 38, me and the family had dinner at the Vietnamese Restaurant @ that plazaaround 5:30-6ish.... Nice TRD exhaust by the way.

If you guys are on the forum and in the area hit me up on the PM/IM, maybe we can crash those meets on sunday @ the Cherry Hill mall. A Silver + Black + White Supra rollin in makes all the boys go woot.... :biggrin:
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