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Well i bought the car in 2008 when i was in iraq. I was buying parts left and right while still in iraq. Came home in Feb 09 and started the build process. Here are some pics from begin to how it sits now. and current mod list.

2001 MSM Turbo IS300

Rims, Suspension, Brakes

Bilstein Shocks
Eibach Pro kit
Volk Gt-N 18x7.5f +43 18x9r+44


Wald Front Lip
Wald Rear Lip
Wald Side Skirts
Painted Headlights 6k HID
10k Angel eyes
Custom Cf L Grill
Philz Style Tailights
JDM Antenna

Engine Mods

Turbonectics Turbo 60-1
Turbonectics Manifold
Turbonectics 35mm Wastegate
550cc Rc Injectors Low Impedance
TT Internals
TT Headgasket
Arp Headstuds
Walboro fuel pump 255
Aem f/ic
Greddy Type S Bov
Custom 3" Exhaust with Magnaflow Muffler


B&M Tranny cooler


Greddy Turbo Timer
Aem Uego Wideband
Autometer Boost, Oil, EGT gauges
Blitz Boost Controller
Triple Gauge Pod

now on to the pics..

Day 1 when i picked her up.

then the modding started.

painted blk headlights wit dde

cf altezza grill

hks kansai front lip

ltuned side skirts

phillz style tailights

Used Turbonetics Kit

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This is how shes is sitting currently

Thanks for checking out my build thread. Still have alot of things that i want to do just gotta have money lol..

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Very cool man. I got got a turbo for my IS but still am looking at what ems to use.

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Very nice.I like the progression.

2jzNINE: I'd look at the Dezod AEM v2, it's plug and play. The Haltech PS2000 works well too, but have to wire it up.

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Nothing new but ended up meeting with some friends and decided to take some pics. Also my friend took a real good picture of my car at another car show.

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