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I hope the mods don't get mad at me, but i felt the bike section/forum might be the most appropriate section to post this..

Up for sale is a NEW in BOX GIANNELLI FULL EXHAUST SYSTEM for a 2003-2005 R6 and a 2006+ R6S. Again, this is NEW in the box, ready to install. This system cost 1399.00 and was imported from ITALY. The quality of the bends and welds is unbelievable. I am only asking half price at 750.00 for it shipped within the CONUS. This is an INCREDIBLE OFFER..
Here is a little about Giannelli. They are one of the only exhaust manufacturers in the world that are used by motorcycle manufacturers as OEM.
History Since 1972 Giannelli Silencers has been dedicated to the design, development and production of exhaust systems for on and off road motorcycles. This activity was born from the passion of Furio and Giorgio Giannelli who have combined technical competence and innovative spirit to their experience gained in motorcycles competitions.

A careful marketing strategy and the creation of products which are always ahead of their time quickly brought the trademark Giannelli Silencers to the top of the international market with a complete range of silencers and exhausts systems with homologated and non homologated versions for mopeds. Scooters and two and four stroke on and off road motorcycles.

Over the years the Giannelli experience has been deepened further by the close collaboration with prestigious motorcycle producers. Giannelli has made available its own technological assets in order to produce systems which are then mounted as first equipment on the models and not as accessories. The complete cycle from design to production right up to the commercialisation of the products is all carried out at the headquarters of Giannelli Silencers, situated in an area of 20.000 m², ISO 9001 certified since 1999. Always keen to follow market needs, Giannelli is the first company in Italy to obtain the national homologation of its products and then, in accordance with the E.E.C directive 97/24 CE, the tough CEE e3 homologation. Giannelli Silencers is distributing its all products in more then 40 countries in the world.
For the welding of our products - a delicate stage in the manufacturing process - only the most advanced techniques are used. The manufacturing methods range from the traditional MIG, TIG or acetylene torch-welding to controlled-atmosphere welding for the processing of titanium.

Before our exhausts are actually manufactured in series, the prototypes are thoroughly tested in the testing room of our Research & Development department, equipped with 2 dynamic and 1 static test benches. Our testing room is equipped with state-of-the-art technology: the atmosphere is air-conditioned in order to achieve constant temperature, pressure and moisture conditions. The test area has a data-collecting system monitoring all relevant testing information.

Every exhaust system we make is developed using modern techniques and the best materials. CNC-machines guarantee the quality of our products. Our exhausts are continuously tested to verify their quality and performance so we can guarantee our customers long time reliability.

Giannelli Silencers pays much attention to environmental problems: our exhaust systems respect 97/24 CE law on atmospheric pollution, noise emission and vehicle tuning.

PLEASE EMAIL ME AT [email protected] with offers and inquiries.
Thank you.


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