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The time has come to sell my latest project car. Those who know me know I keep cars for a short period of time then sell them.

I am proud to offer my 2003 Lexus IS-300 to Supra conversion up for sale. This car has been my project for the last 5 months, but I currently have other goals in mind. The car was recently in a rear end accident which was just fixed, and in the process I got some other things fixed I wanted done, but now I am ready to sell it. Nothing mechanical was affected by the accident. This is probably one of the nicest IS-300 to Supra conversions I have seen. No expense was spared on this car. It has a brand new V160 6 Speed Getrag transmission, at a cost of $14,000 to convert it and the motor has well over $10,000 in it. The transmission could be sold this very minute for a good amount. They don't make it anymore, and they are VERY hard to find.

When I received the car I changed the turbo from a Precision 6266 to a 6870, completely reworked the fuel system and added Flex Fuel, and now the car sits at around 800rwhp with the potential to make much much more, with simply changing to the HP housing for the Precision 6870. This would make 1050rwhp all day long and the motor is built to handle it. It was just tuned at Titan Motorsports, the king of Supras. It has full suspension and Supra brakes. The interior is a 9/10 with the dash just being completely refurbished to remove sticky dash and it looks simply awesome.

This car is incredibly fast because it’s also light. I estimate it around 3400lbs at this time.

The only difference from the pictures is that it will not have the Seibon carbon fiber front lip, I am looking for a different one right now. I’d be happy to provide credit for someone to buy whatever they want if I don’t get one in time. There are a couple of cracks in the front bumper where the lip covered them. It also has Depo rear black LED Taillights now, not the ones in the pictures.

This car brings oohs and ahhs no matter where you take it. The engine bay looks amazing, I keep it spotless.

I'll have some better pics of the interior tomorrow. The roll bar has been removed and this interior pic was before the dash was redone.

Here’s a list of what’s done to the car:

Engine- 2JZ-GE Built for 1000hp
-Wiseco Pistons
-Manley Rods
-King Racing Bearings
-ARP CA256 Head Studs
-Brian Crower Stage 3 Cams
-Brian Crower Springs and Retainers
-FIC 1650cc Injectors
-Precision 6870 DBB Turbo (Brand new)
-DEI Turbo Shield Blanket
-Twin City Fuel Rail
-TMS Custom Intake Manifold, powdercoated red
-Ross Racing machined throttle body
-Aeromotive Fuel Pressure Regulator
-Front Mount Intercooler and Custom Powdercoated Piping
-Full stainless exhaust to HKS muffler
-AEM Boost Control Solenoid
-Turbosmart Blow Off Valve
-Titan Motorsports Harmonic Balancer
-OBX Racing Power Pullies Anodized Red
-TiAL 44 Wastegate
-AEM V2 ECU - Flex Fuel Tuned
-Dual 400 Fuel Pumps E85 Certified
-K&N Air Filter
-New Battery
-7500 miles on rebuilt motor
-Brand New Plugs
-Cams removed and valve stem seals replaced with Viton from Branger’s Racing
-New Gates timing belt tensioner
-New OEM VVTi Cam Sprocket
- Tuned @ around 800rwhp @ 33psi
-Toyota Supra V160 Transmission Swap - Over $14,000, no expense was spared.
-Brand New OEM Toyota V160 from Suprastore ($7600)
-Clutchmasters 850 Twin Disk Clutch ($2500)
-Driftworks 6 Speed Swap Kit and Hardware
-Suprastore Machined Brackets, Mounts, and short shifter
-Toyota Sequoia Balanced Driveshaft with Loop
-New Y38 BRZ LSD Torsen Rear End with 4.11 Gears
-Figs Engineering Rear Diff Poly Mounts
-Linea Course 18X9.5 REAR AND 18X8.5 FRONT Wheels
-NittoNT01 Rear275/35/18 NittoNT05 Front 245/40/18 3500 Miles
-Yellow Speed Racing Performance Premium Coilovers
-Hotchkis Sway Bars
-Cusco Rear Strut Bar
-Tach Motor Sports Strut Tower Brace - Powdercoated Red
-Swift Racing Tie Bars
-Supra Front Calipers - Powdercoated Red
-IS300 Rear Calipers Powdercoated Red
-Powerslot front and Rear rotors with Hawk HPS Pads
-Custom Black Pearl Paint with shaved door trim - metalflake
-Seibon Carbon Fiber Hood
-Seibon Carbon Fiber Front Lip (has been removed due to cracks…)
-Carbon Fiber Vortex Generator
-Carbon Fiber Radiator Air Redirect
-Carbon Fiber Fuse Box Cover
-Altezza LED Halo/HID Headlights
-DEPO Black LED taillights
-AEM Gauge Pod with Boost/AFR/Oil Pressure
-OEM New Black Interior with Carbon accents
- Refurbished Dash and Center Console - no Sticky dash!
125k miles

Priced at 23k firm.

Brad D.
[email protected]

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