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2004.... Year of the '87? (pics)

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I've got my work cut out for me. With other projects on hand, I've been pushing my '87 to the backburner. No more. The interior has been gutted, '89+ body conversion is on it's way, and the motor will be getting dropped off at the machine shop next paycheck. I've got a basement full of go fast goodies for this thing, not to mention a full Recaro interior and some JDM exterior swag. Paint will happen in the Spring. I'll post my to do list in a few. For now, take a look at the pics and let me know what you think. Keep in mind this was a $700 purchase. I like to think of it as my '89s ugly cousin.

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My kid brother hates me...

This is his backyard, btw....

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I just remembered that I bought that red '89+ fascia from the late Ben Topus a few weeks after he bought his Bomex kit. R.I.P. brother....
looks even more fun then my project!! :) I really need to take pictuers..

Why are you converting to the 89+ exterior?
Hahah, come on.... let's see those TAIL PIPES!

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glyakk said:
Why are you converting to the 89+ exterior?

Looks a lot better
Dude, you have like 4 Supras in one, you got a good deal at 700 bucks! :D
looks like you are making a complete car out of a parts car.
nice! that will look sweet when its all finished.
if you need a helping hand, LMK, I'm in Silver Spirng, MD
what are you gonna do with that grey interior? i might like it! :D
OOOO , polished MK4 Rims :D . looks like you got lots of work ahead for you , but the end result will be well worth it!
AZmkiii said:
Looks a lot better
Choke on your lies! :p
tip it over and dump all that crap out and put in a bucket to sit on and go smoke some corvets
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