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We're expecting a large amount of supras! Come meet fellow Supra owners from around the midwest!

Location: LaSalle High School 3091 North Bend Rd. Cincinnati, OH 45239
Registration: $10 runs all day
More Info: call 513-919-7572

That’s right folks the La Salle Car Show is back! Spectator admission is free! It is $10 to show. We will be kicking off the event Sunday April 17th at 10:30am. The show will run until 3:30pm, and awards will most likely be handed out around 3:00pm. We will be giving out plenty of awards for exotics, domestics, imports, hot rods, and all other show vehicles. There will also be plenty of food, raffles, games, competitions, and prizes. Not only is the show a great time, but all of the money raised goes towards a charity for the less fortunate. THE MONEY DOES NOT GO TO LASALLE HIGH SCHOOL.
The show is now in its 3rd year running, and has gotten bigger every year. I am honored to have been allowed to organize it over the past three years. Last year we had 150 registered cars, 300 show cars in attendance, and over 1,200 spectators! We had eight dodge vipers, two full blow dragsters, and a ridiculous amount of beautiful cars from around the Midwest. At this years show we are planning to have at least 10 Lamborghinis and Ferraris attending; as well as 10-15 Modded Vipers. Right now we have at least 10 high HP supras that are comin as well. We're anticpating well over 300 cars. Anyways, you all need to be there because there is something for everyone. Please help me distribute the above flyers. Feel free to print them out or contact me if you would like to help promote. Who know maybe someone will be able to set up a run with an ENZO. :) Thank you, and see you all at the show!!!

Thank You ------Paul
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