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I dunno if any of you guys heard about this yet, but here's some info:

BTW it's FREE! :D :p :)

Subject: 2005 EuroPacific Summer Showoff - Floyd Bennett Field - OFFICIAL

Audi - BMW - Porsche *** Lexus - Infiniti G35

IT'S OFFICIAL! The coordinating of the 2nd annual EuroPacific Summer
Showoff is well under way! Last year's event featured BMW, Mercedes
and Lexus and over 200 cars showed! The BMW camp represented the
strongest with 70+ cars (over 30 M3s)!! The Lexus camp had a very
strong showing too with more than 60 cars!! The Mercedes showing was
not as strong, but the 30 - 40 that did show were SWEET! This year we
are happy to invite AUDI, PORSCHE AND INFINITI G35!

This year we're gonna do it all over again BUT with some new marques!
The 2005 EuroPacific Summer Showoff will feature:

On the Euro side: Audi - BMW - Porsche
On the Pacific side: Lexus - Infiniti G35

This year we are particularly excited about the Audi presence because
last year, though Audi was not a feature group, some of the sweetest
cars at the event were Audis! This year you guys are official and we
are REALLY looking forward!

This announcement will be posted on all the major forums of the
representing cars.

Meet details are as follows:


DATE: Sunday, May 15th
TIME: 1:00 PM Start till whenever
LOCATION: Floyd Bennett Field - Brooklyn, New York


For those coming from Staten Island, central/southern NJ and all pts
south, take 278 East across the Verrazano Narrows Bridge, go east on
the Belt Pkwy, take exit 11A (Flatbush Ave), continue along Flatbush
Ave going away from Brooklyn. Take a left onto Aviation Rd. (it should
be the last cross road you see before the tolls). This well-signed
road will lead you to Floyd Bennett Field.

For those coming from the Bronx, Queens, Long Island and Brooklyn,
take the Van Wyck Expwy towards JFK Airport to Belt Pkwy west, take
exit 11A (Flatbush Ave), continue along Flatbush Ave going away from
Brooklyn. Take a left onto Aviation Rd. (it should be the last cross
road you see before the tolls). This well-signed road will lead you to
Floyd Bennett Field.

For those coming from Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and all
pts north, take 95 south across the Whitestone Bridge, connect with
the Van Wyck Expwy, and follow directions for those coming from the
NYC boroughs.

We have some NEW sponsors as well as some old ones participating and
donating this year! That means we will be having... a RAFFLE!!! Last
year we gave away a bunch of goodies including H&R suspensions, Pulley
kits, Mothers and Zaino car care products among other fantastic mods!
This year will be even bigger and better! How so? Just as a teaser, we
will have a major wheel distributer on hand making some SWEET
donations for the raffle. You heard correctly - a WHEEL DISTRIBUTOR!
Need a set of wheels? DON'T MISS THIS MEET!!

Raffle information is as follows:

- 5 ticket maximum per person. No exceptions.

- $1 per ticket.

- Seperate raffles will be held for each car brand. Raffle
participants should purchase tickets for the raffle that represents
the car they own. Those tickets purchased will be reused in the
general raffle for universal prizes. (Lexus owners will be asked to
write the model of the car on the back of the ticket).

- All prize winners MUST be present at the meet and during the raffle
drawings. There will be NO EXCEPTIONS to this rule. If the holder of
the winning ticket is not present, a redraw will be done.

- Raffle participants MAY NOT purchase tickets for other members.

- The raffle will not be limited to forum members, but we will require
that ONLY Porsche, BMW, Audi, Lexus and Infiniti OWNERS participate,
for obvious reasons. If there are any questions about this please PM

- Winners of raffle prizes will be asked to take a photo beside their
car along with the prize won and a banner of the sponsor who donated
the prize (if a banner is available).



Everyone please read the following!

(1) No speeding, erratic driving or racing- If there is any of this
type of behavior, it will not be looked upon kindly. There is a great
danger when a large number of vehicles are speeding on public
roadways. The last thing we want to do is endanger the safety of our
forum members, and that of people on the roads in general. This
includes any overly aggressive swerving, cutting people off, etc. As
there will be a few caravans en route to the meet, there could be
potential for catastrophe if someone decides to do their best "Fast
and Furious" impression. Maintaining a safe speed on the road and not
tailgating other cars can easily reduce this.

(2) No Loud Music, Burnouts, Excessive Revving- Since we are going to
be gathering in a public area, we will most likely be under much
scrutiny from park security and local law enforcement. This meet could
be ended very quickly with a "loud music" call to the police. The same
holds true for excessive revving, burnouts, etc. The organizers of
this meet understand that there will be people present that have
EXTENSIVE audio/visual mods done to their rides, and want to showcase
them. We fully understand and endorse that, but ask that you keep your
demonstration short and sweet to avoid any unwanted attention. Those
with exhaust mods, will be asked to do the same, just a couple revs to
"show what 'cha got" not sitting there bumping against the rev
limiter. Burnouts/donuts, etc will simply NOT be tolerated at this

(3) No Cross Brand flames- This meet has great potential to birth a
wealth of hybrid meets/collaborations in the future. This could be a
networking opportunity of great proportions! Just think of all the
tuners, shops, online resources, etc. that could be shared amongst 3
premier luxury vehicle groups! The last thing we want to do is let a
few snide comments undermine this effort. The fact of the matter is,
we all drive what we drive for a reason, that reason being solely
important to us as individuals, let's respect that decision across ALL
brands. No matter what, WE ALL STILL LOVE OUR CARS! So let's leave any
pre-conceived notions at home and come with an open mind and respect
for each other and have a GREAT TIME!

(4) Alcohol Consumption- Due to the rules & regulations of the public
parks, we are going to ask everyone to refrain from bringing alcohol
to this meet.


Meet the EuroPacific Summer Showoff Coordinators:
Please e-mail any of the following with any questions regarding this

RRRize - (EMAIL: [email protected])
PorscheBabe - (EMAIL: [email protected])
bmwnetgui / SlowMotn - (EMAIL: [email protected])
NYC ES3 / NYC G35 - / /
(EMAIL: [email protected])
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