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Alright well I am currently driving around in a new 06 grand cherokee laredo nothin special just the 6 cylinder. I've noticed a few things about this ride.

1: Suspension is nice very little roll around corners
2: Slow.......This thing is just ugh slow (get the srt :bowdown: )
3: Gas mileage at best 18 city 23 highway so thats kickin me in the pockets a lil
4: Tranny I don't know whats wrong with it but it shifts extremely slow, even with the tip tronic the tranny seems to lag when it wants to shift gears.
5: Electrical

Alright I don't know what happened but the Jeep around 3k is starting to have electrical issues. ITS A BRAND NEW JEEP WTF. Ok well only somtimes when I start the vehicle it won't start right away. Then it kicks and starts, well driving down the road I notice that it's not shifting out of all.......mind you the tip tronic was in 5th gear but the car was notifying me that I was in P R N D all at the same time ???? :scratch: I pull over shut it off start it again and everything is fine.

I don't know what the problem is I am going to the dealer to have them look at it maybe flash the ecu, I dunno. So thats my review if you have ne questions lemme know.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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