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Seller name: Zong Yang
Current Mileage : 35,5xx
Location: Virginia Beach, VA
Asking Price $ SOLD SOLD SOLD
Contact: Please PM or call 615-717-8198

Jack's Transmission Build

Everything but the short block has about 4-5k miles

Short block recently got replaced less then 700 Miles ago By Jacks.

Somehow the crank had developed a crack and ended up not in great shape at all. So the motor was taken out and sent back to Jack's after about 4-5k miles.

When jacks did the rebuild 700 miles ago. We eneding going back to a 4.1 L stroker crank and re used the rods and pistons as they where still good. At the time all new bearing, rings, gaskets etc etc was all replaced to insure it ran just as good as new.! (and which it does)

We didn't just send the short block we sent the whole long block to get everything inspected as the motor was already out.

This car is a 110% turn key car with ZERO issues.

If you have been looking for a GTR or have been thinking about building a GTR you should know how much it cost to build something like this. There is well over 120k in parts and labor not including the price of the car.

Here's the list of modifications.

--ETS GTX3582R Turbochargers--
1.9" Runners over competitors 1.25" Runners
Turbo Oil and Coolant Lines
Aluminum Turbo Heat Shield
External Wastegates 44mm TiAL MVR
Full Lifetime warranty on all fabricated parts, and manufactures warranty on turbo's.
-- Fore Innovations L4 Triple Pump Fuel system and Buschur Flex-Fuel Kit--
FC3 Staged Controller with 4 gauge wiring
Startlite -10 Feed, -8 Return
Fore billet Fuel Rails and F2i Fuel Pressure Regulator
Fore Triple hanging In-Tank Fuel System
Fore 88mm Inline Fuel Filter and FCV check valve
SIR2000cc Injectors
-- BL Intake and ETS Race Intercooler--
ETS Huge Intercooler Core w/Full SS Mandrel bent piping
ETS Upper Intake Plumbing w/ TiAL BOV's
ETS High-Flow Turbo Intakes and Filter Assembly
Visconti Speed Density Conversion Kit
--Bill Guthrie SiR Performance Tuned--
EcuTek ProECU Programming Kit Both ECU and TCU license
Custom Flex-Fuel Calibration for 93/E85/E98 fuels
SiR Dyno Tuned and Tested
SiR Street Tuned, Tested and Evaluated
E71 fuel used for dyno and street tuning
--SMS Sitto Motorsports 102mm Custom aluminum exhaust with 5'' Race Titanium tips--
Aluminum Y-Pipe
Titanium Tips (Adjustable)
--Jacks Custom Transmission Upgrades--
Jacks gear set
Upgraded Billet Gears
GTC T1000 18plate Billet Clutch
Billet Piston/Lifetime Seals and upgraded gaskets
Stainless reusable internal filter
GR6 transmission fluid
--Jacks Custom 4.1L Stage 5 VR38DETT Engine Build--

GTC 96mm Billet Crankshaft
Jack Spec 10.5:1 CP Pistons and Rings w/HD pins (Rated1600whp+)
Jack Spec Carillo Connecting Rods
GSC Power-Division Stage 2 Camshaft Set
Jacks Blueprinted Engine and Oil Pump
Curt Brown race heads 1mm oversize valves, GSC guides, GSC springs and seals
AMS 4 bar map sensor
Titan Dampened Crank Pulley
Gotboost GT-R Catch Cans
Powder Coated engine covers
Jacks Professional Engine Break-in Procedures Performed
--Wheels and Tires--
18'' Volk Racing TE37 Wheels. PC Black w/ badge delete
Rear- NTO5R 315/35/18
Front- Conti Sport Contact 5
Car made 1243whp and 981ftlbs on E71 @32psi with a conservative Dynojet dyno. Car is capable of an additional 150+whp when using E98 fuel. Bill and I decided not to push the car and keep everything safe and happy for the street.
I never launched or tracked the car. I can tell you this build on other cars has gone 8.6-8.8's and trapped 165+mph.

VIDEO VIDEO ================


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Beautiful GTR. Good luck with the sale.


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I use to live in TN..Currently been living in VA for the last 4 years.. Previous owner is from Michigan.

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Discussion Starter · #6 · looks exactly 100% as the pics above. I put a deposit on the car as soon as Jack's confirmed that the motor was being sent back. I waited about a week for the install and proper break in before picking up the car. M&R Performance and Mike (previous owner) gave me up to date details on the car when everything was being re installed for me and motor being broken in. Great guys to work with...!

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Zong! I wonder where you went to man! Killer GTR!
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