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####UPDATE CHANGE IN SNS VENUE#### still on same road just about 10min further down in a larger lot that will be designated for us with a slew of eateries and shops (wifes). Sunrise Village 10507 156th St. E, Puyallup WA 98374.
9 a.m. Show starts, will have dj, booths, prizes, coffee/drink stand, etc. Absolutely NO burn ou, drifting, or horseplay. Also please take all trashout with you and respect the property. Thank you
Im bringing it home once again to Washington. To those who know me(Tejon) I put on our yearly event back in '09'. We had around a 50 car turn out. Let's top that this year.

REGISTRATION DEADLINE: ### Extended## May 31st. ###Extended to June 14th### Please sign up tp be gaurenteed a tshirt. Please register for Dyno asap as well. Thank you once again.

Brought to you by AEM, RNR,, Horsepower Barn AD Engineering, Sleeper designs, Summit racing, Rockauto, Also would like to thank RMJ Motoring for the support.

July 8-10 (NOT 1-3)(Since our centrallia meet is now in May) Registration open now and closes May 31st. Allows me accurate count on tshirts and time to have them made.

*Friday 8th: drag racing gates open 3pm racing starts at 4pm at Bremerton Raceways(7500 SW Old Clifton Rd, Bremerton WA) normal spec rules: no coolant (which they are laxed), 13.99 or faster snell approved helmet, 11.49 or faster 4pt cage. Etc. They will have reserved lanes for Supras only. We can have heads up racing for fastest mk2,mk3,and mk4 with a full tree light confirmed 1/11 $25 to race.

*Saturday 9th: dyno 9am Speed Factory in Tacoma (5001 Burlington Way, Tacoma WA) $50 for 3 pulls and dynonsheet on a Dynojet dyno. Then 2pm leave for cruise through Mt. Rainier to elbe (fun windy roads) great photo opps of lakes and mountain backdrops, ending at the Mt. Rainier Railroad Dining Co. (54106 Mountain Hwy E, Eatonville) for dinner 5pm. Or other option if not wanting to drive will be Grand Prix Raceway (indoor) fun and fast carts go-cart racing, about 7min drive from dyno shop (11015 Pacific Hwy SW, Lakewood WA)

*Sunday 10th:####NEW LOCATION### Show-N-Shine Confirmed we have a large open lot at 10507 156th St. E Puyallup, WA 98374 Sunrise Village in the back lot.

####Update#### Apparently Best Western did not lock in my reservations for a block but working on it. They do have available rooms for those dates 169 (king) 179 (queen) But should come down on price for block will update ##### I've found 2 great locations for hotel stay in Puyallup WA that can accommodate trailers and will be giving us a group discount. First hotel is Best Western Premier(620 South Hill Park Dr., Puyallup WA 253-848-1500) Also offers great lounge, bar and restaurant. Second is same lot but adjacent Holiday Inn Suites(812 South Hill Park Dr., Puyallup WA 253-848-4900). Costs are confirmed $159/night for King bed and $169/night for 2 queens. They have a 10 room block for Supra Nationals Friday and Saturday nights. 3rd Hotel option is Hampton Inn (1515 S Meridian, Puyallup WA 253-770-8800) $150/night for King bed and $160/night for dbl queen but NO room for car trailers or haulers. Also no restaurant or bar like Best Western has.

Start the roll call, name, car, events participating in. There will be prizes, trophies(drag,hp,show,best under construction, best jdm, and most stock) will be given out at the show and shine along with t-shirts. If needing hotel information or any other info don't hesitate to ask. Thanks and see you all in 7months

Registration fee: $30 that will cover your entry to Show-N-Shine, raffle tickets, and tshirt(up to xl, 2xl add $3. Also include size and color, white or grey) Please if signing up for Dyno send payment with registration as I have to pay $1,500 out of pocket up front for that day. As long as we have 30 cars that will work out to $50/ea. That includes 3 pulls and a dyno sheet (dynojet). If we don't get to 30 cars then I'll be eating cost.

PayPal $30 or $80 if doing dyno to [email protected] and enter your name and (forum name), tshirt size (COLOR choice white or grey), Extra shirt $10/ea. (2xl+ add $3) Don't forget color and size. Also put vehicle(specs) and when making payment you can mark as gift or family. As we are all family.
Thank you and see you all July 8th.

E85 stations:
Jays garage
734 SE 7th Ave.
Portland, OR

Airport Depot Texaco
1400 NW Louisiana Ave.
Chehalis, WA

Lakewood Shell
1401 172nd St. NE
Marysville, WA

Race gas and 101 unleaded on pump:
76 gas station
1725 Auburn Way N.
Auburn, WA

First 15 sign up bonus applies (goody bag) Not including (1. Who is myself)

PLEASE when sending money add what events you are doing so I can get an idea and also tshirt size and color (grey or white) thanks

1. Tejon Tihonovich MK4 96 Apu Drag, Dyno, Cruise, SNS
2. Isaac Gautschi MK4 93.5 Apu+ Dyno, Cruise, SNS
3. Cory Bowles MK3 1jz Drag, Dyno, Cruise, SNS
4. Todd Cope (3) Supras Drag, Cruise, SNS
5. Miguel Jimenez MK3 1.5jz Apu++ Drag, Dyno, Cruise, SNS
6. Michael Pearson MK2 Cruise, SNS
7. Faye Lewis MK3 7mgte Drag, Dyno, Cruise, SNS
8. Jordan Owings MK3 2jz Apu++ Drag, Dyno, Cruise, SNS
9. Chris Saeyup MK4 6spd Bpu+ Drag, Cruise, SNS
10. Ian Lower (Nosman4) MK3 7mgte Dyno, Cruise, SNS
11. John Rodriguez 95 MK4 6spd Apu+++ SNS
12. Zack Bennight 89 MK3 Bpu+ Dyno, Cruise, SNS
13. Justin Hunt 94 MK4 Apu+ SNS
14. Shawn Root MK3 2jz Bpu++ Dyno, Cruise, SNS
15. Nick Baumer MK3 Bpu+ 7mgte Cruise, SNS
16. Shay Bisconer MK4 2jz bpu
Dyno, Cruise, SNS
17. Jeff Demara MK3 2jz bpu++ Drag, Dyno, Cruise, SNS
18. Richard Gardner MK2 Cruise, SNS
19. Justus Steckman (JustusS) MK4 Apu++ Drag, Dyno, Cruise, SNS
20. Stu Hagen MK4 Bpu+++ Drag, Dyno, Cruise, SNS
21. Josh Anderson MK4 6spd Bpu+ Cruise, SNS
22. Morgan Schwartz Mk4 Bpu+ Cruise, SNS
23. Tom Breeze MK3 2jz bpu+ Dyno, Cruise, SNS
24. Brittany Hinz Jdm MK4 Bpu+ Cruise, SNS
25. Mike Hixson MK3 Bpu+ Cruise, SNS
26. Ron Ramirez MK3 Apu++ Dyno, Cruise, SNS
27. Kyle Martens MK4 bpu Cruise, SNS
28. Nick Donley Mk3 1jz bpu++ Cruise, SNS
29. Mihir Parmar MK3 1jz apu++ Dyno, Cruise, SNS
30. Daryl Hall MK3 apu++ Dyno, Cruise, SNS
31. Monica Mecham Mk2 Dyno, Cruise, SNS
32. Kevin Martin MK3 Apu++ Cruise, SNS
33. Da'von Long MK3 bpu+ Cruise, SNS
34. Michael Gowan (Darkfred) MK4 94 RR TT Drag, Dyno, Cruise, SNS
35. Dave Cowger MK2 (DDD228) Drags, SNS
36. Evan Palmer MK2 Apu+++
37. Robert Miller
38. Mario Chavez MK3 Bpu SNS
39. John Santesson MK4 Apu+++ Drag, Dyno, Cruise, SNS
40. Karen Santesson MK4 Apu+++ Cruise, SNS
41. Brian Puchar MK2 P-Type
42. Kerrie Puchar MK3
43. Roger Smith MK2 P-Type 1jz bpu
44. David Stewart MK3 Cruise, SNS Apu++
45. Justin Daniels (pending)
46. Samson Wang MK4 Dyno
47. Khoa Le (kalmr293) MK4 Apu++ Dyno
48. Luke Chandler MK4 RZ Bpu++ Cruise, SNS
49. Thomas Rogers MK2 P-Type Drag
50. Alex Stankiewicz ?
51. Vladimir First MK4 Bpu ++ Dyno, Cruise, SNS
52. Taylor Graham MK3 Bpu++
53. Giovani Santos MK3 Bpu
54. Jon Navis MK4 Bpu

Other: 1j 2jz powered for Show-N-Shine

1. Scott Pham 93 FD rx7 1jz SNS
2. Matt Stagner JDM Mark 2 1Jz SNS
3. Steve Theodore (SupraForums moderator exception ;-) Porsche Gt3 SNS
4. Brad Davis IS300 2jzgte SNS

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Pretty rough dates for me even though I live right in the middle of all that.

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I'm always in for this. Nationals are always a blast.

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I be there, likely without my MKIV!(broke dick again)

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how is this track on cars goin under the 11.49? are they very strict on that part? I might try to make it out if they aren't too strict
The tech control isn't that bad, but they will usually give you a warning and then kick. I've been warned a couple times and am just careful to pedal it until I want to make a full pass. Be prepared to get kicked though...I got booted in one pass last year at a 10.4 / 142. Canada was the same way this year, one pass on my slicks and booted...

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This year I feel to be fair to our mk3 brothers who are 7m, 1jz, 2jz the dyno class will go in that order as far as trophys go. Of course the mk4 will only have the 2jz so to all you mk4 guys better step up the game and don't get out classed ;-)
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