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Reusing a head off the old blown up below show a piston like impact dent on the head...cylinder 5 puked a rod. Just want your guys opinion on the usability of this head...i took a rudimentary measurement of my area of concern. Spoke to the machine shop about my plans and they said to just bring it in.
20200514_210249.jpg 20200514_210300.jpg 20200514_210331.jpg 20200514_210338.jpg

A little background. I got into the supra game with my black California 88 I purchased a couple years back. W58 7mge...after educating myself on what i would need for my goals...i had to reset and start the hunt again lol...

Now. I I have a white Canada 89 R154 7mgte...pretty crazy to see the difference on the underside based on both country models around the same year. The Cali is pretty much rust free where as the Canadian model, Has some serious rust in the wheel wells/ undercarriage ...
Aside from all that, im all in.I'm hoping to reuse my head on the "new" 7mgte block I purchased separate that I plan to take to the machine shop along with the head off the blown 7mgte.

This is my first build. I debated on cutting corners but seeing the constant reminder of that hanging on my wall, made me think twise.
Looks slightly past TSRM twist factor hahah

If you're still with me this is my plan.

-bring in block with crank to get hot tanked, light hone, light surfacing? crank balanced.
-bring in head, hardness check, light surfacing?

So far I have bought:
-clevite STD rod bearings,
-clevite thrust washers
-clevite STD main bearings
-cometics 1.2mm mls top end kit
-cometic bottom end kit
-used ARP main studs

Purchase list:
- Wiseco pistons on shops advisal
-ARP main bolts
-ARP rod bolts
-rods? Could the shop shotpeen balance the ones in the new block? Worth it, Or just go eagle?
-clevite rod bushings
-freeze plugs?
-oil pump
-valve springs?
- 57 trim DM turbo+ 3" downpipe and manifold kit
-lex afm
-upgraded fuelpump?
-ebay (gpi racing) hose kit...not sure what other options there are today.

It's 2020 Is there any new advise anyone could give me in this day and age. Much appreciated. I'd like to keep this like a journal and keep this thread updated as I go along.
Thanks again!

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Go with the Eagle rods, as they already come with good bolts, and are shot peened, and ballanced, so you can apply that cost to the rods, making them that much cheaper.

Yes on freeze plugs.

Be careful going with stock size Wiseco pistons, and just a hone job, as an engine that old may not fully clean up the wear with just honing. You may be better off with just going to the first oversize (.5mm).

You can get a good price on a piston & rod combo on eBay, but make sure to check the seller's feedback.

If you do go with the 1UZ air flow meter, pick up an Apex-i Super-AFC. Makes tuning much easier.

Yes on a new fuel pump, if nothing else, to get rid of the 30 year old unit.
Recommend a REAL Walbro from as they are the US distributor for Walbro, and you are 100% sure of not getting a chinese knock off.
Don't get an Aeromotive, as they are complete crap, with a very high failure rate.
I did a write up on their shit here somewhere, after I cut a failed one apart.

Yes on a new oil pump if yours shows any signs if being scored up in the gear chamber.
Also use this opportunity to kick the oil pressure up.

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Sweet! Thanks Six!
What so what do tou think of the head from what you see. Would that indent be detrimental to the head?
Machine shop hours really suck...i gotta take a day off to spend money on my car...
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