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This thread will strictly be quickly broken down for the Mechnical/Parts side of the Non-Vvti 1uzfe conversion into the 86.5-89 Mk3 supra chassis (LHD and RHD), as far as the parts needed for a simple fitment of the swap that i have came across over the past few years.

I will come back and add more when i can.

First off, for the engine, the best option i came across was the 92-94 Sc400 (Finding a donor car and pulling what you need will be best)

-For exhaust manifolds the Sc400 manifolds are the only ones that will clear the mk3 frame rails, and also does not contact the steering shaft. (Primary Catalytic converters will not fit, you will need to run a normal pipe in place)

-Sc400 Rear sump oil pan will be needed, the Ls400/Gs400 Oil pan will not clean the Subframe.


-The factory mk3 radiator and aftermarket radiators will work with the conversion, using electric fans, and 89-94 Ls400 Radiator upper and lower radiator hoses (Will need trimmed a tad shorter)

-The Non-Vvti 1uz Valve cover contacts the Factory Mk3 brake booster and the booster can be dented with a hammer to fit. (a 86-89 Toyota Pickup is a Direct swap, the firewall and brake master bolt patterns are the same, however the pushrod for it on the Pedal side may need to be trimmed.)

Dented Brake booster for reference.

-For the power steering lines, Xcessive Manufacturing sells a Braided pressure line that is a direct fit for the 1uz to Mk3 Rack. (Note, the Ls400 Power steering pump uses a pump mounted reservoir, which looks cleaner imo. Also, the return line is a simple rubber line you can purchase from the parts store)

-The factory mk3 fuel system and pump will power the engine (but a Aftermarket pump, 12v Pump mod, and pressure regulator are a preference)

-The Factory 86.5-89 Alternator connector and wire will work with the Pre-94 1uz. (Harness will need to be extended since the 1uz alternator is located on the passenger side)

-For Engine mounts, Suprastore sells Cnc machined mounts with isolators that are a direct fit, and positions the engine pretty well.


-As far as the transmission goes, that route is a preference*, but from experience, The W58 and R154 With a Suprastore adaptor kit and 1uz automatic Bellhousing will be the best option price wise, and for fitment in the long run. The reason being, is that this will allow you to use the factory friveshaft, Transmission mount, and Shifter setup.


-The Mk3 Supra tach uses a 6cyl signal, and the 1uz sends a 4cyl Tach signal from the 5th wire on one of the Igniters. For the factory gauge to read correctly, you and use a Conversion box to fix this.

-For the oil pressure gauge, Use a factory 7m oil pressure sender, it is a direct swap onto the oil filter bracket on the Non-Vvti Sc400 1uz oil filter bracket

-For the Temp gauge, you will need a factory 7m temperature gauge sensor for the Mk3 Gauge to read correctly. (The 7m sensor is much larger, and the hole will need to be rethreaded).

As far as the wiring side of this swap goes, i cannot help unfortunately. Everyone seems to take a different route with this, and there are plenty of accurate pinouts and writeups that currently exist for this.
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