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Well it seems that most of the "nice" mk3's on this site are all owned by "older" people. I guess with age comes knowledge and money, bah! I want to see some CLEANLY modded/stock mk3's by some of the younger crowd on this site. Post a little history on your car as well as pics and mods please!

I guess I should start it off eh?

1989 Targa 5spd. turbo
215 000 km on body
40 000 km on engine
172psi per cylinder
4th owner

Bought the car when I was 17 (July 2003), just got out of highschool. The car was knocking and had a blown head gasket. Durring winter of 2003/2004 a new engine was put in the car, well not new, but an amazingly clean jdm 7m. All seals/worn hoses were replaced, hks 1.2mm metal headgasket was installed. Bought a 2 3/4" elbow-back exhaust, k&n intake, upper hardpipes, and a turbo xs bov, as well as an s-afc. Drove the car like this for summer/fall of 2004 as a daily driver. It was a fun car, considering I was only 18 and it was my first car. But of course, I wanted more. :)

I am 19 now and over this past winter the car has gone through some major changes...Mod list is as follows:

Stock bottom end
Garrett gt4082
Denso 680cc injectors
Walbro 255ltr pump
Aeromotive AFPR
Megan Racing large intercooler
SS tubular exhaust manifold
HKS replica 50mm wastegate vented
FFIM (still in the making)
Zetironix ZT-2 wideband with laptop for datalogging
Apexi S-AFC
3" GM MAF and MAF-T
4" inlet, 9" long K&N filter
Custom 3" DP with electric dump
Custom 2 3/4" intercooler piping
Summit racing oil filter relocation kit
B&M oil cooler
Euro Drive Kevlar clutch disc
Euro Drive pressure plate.
ST springs
Tokico shocks
All new infinity speakers plus 2 extra
Infinity 12" sub
Rockford amp
Sony colour lcd display deck
Misc. Autometer gauges
Battery moved to hatch
Custom 100% black interior (besides seats which are getting done soon)
Last but not least, a pre-89 bumper on an 89+ chasis

I am sure there is more but I cant think of anything right now. Pics...I will have to take some new ones, I only have ones of the old setup. I will have video footage of street/strip when the car is finished in a month or so. Looking for 480ish whp on pump gas (94). If I blow up this motor, I have a fully built block/head awaiting to be done for next winter. For the record I pay for my own mods/gas/insurance, everything. Parents hate this damn car. Enjoy.

- Adam

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myMUSICveins said:
This club sucks, its all about the 22 and under club ;)

yea no shit man, i just turned 22 this past january...

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My car is completely stock, but I like to think it is semi-nice for it's age. It is an '88 N/A and I bought it with 66k on it when I was 16. I'm 20 now, and not much has changed on the car. I take a lot of pride in keeping it clean and running well. It hasn't really given me any problems since I bought it. *knock on wood*


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well heres alittle info on mine....

1989 Red Targa Turbo
139,2xxmiles on mine
and i believe im the third owner.

i guess heres my story (not very long... lol)

anyway, got my car sometime in febuary. I actually convinced my dad to get my car a week before i got my license. Feb. 21 05. I've been researching the mk3 for almost half of the year. But its may now, and i've actually learned alot more through sf. i've pretty much love my car right now! :)

Don't have much in my car at the moment (due to lack of funds) but all i have isn't much:

Hks 2.0mm hg
Hks type 1 tt
hks sqbov
Custom 3'' catback exhaust
boost controller at 10psi
k&n fipk
mkiv n/a rims
eibachi springs
i also have an autobahn amp pushing two 10s

anyway, heres some recent pics of the car...

heres some older pics that i like


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hey man, i'll join your club. I'm 20 yrs now and i bought my car when i was 17 in june. Just in time to go into my last yr of high school. I bought it and didn't realize the motor was fubared, so i had to buy a rebuilt one. I had that done and had it in and going in the end of august so i got to drive it to school on the first day :) From then on it's been great to me and i've just been modding it.

-89 + tails and moldings
-HKS turbo timer
-speedhut EL glow gauges
-autometer boost/AF/EGT/water gauges
-lotek 3 pillar gauge
-hella H4 e-codes
-MK4 TT rims wrapped in Yokohama AVS sports
-tanabe hyper medallion catback
-BIC test pipe
-hose techniques kit
-Blitz DD BOV
-24x12x3.5" garrett bar and plate IC
-2.5" hardpipes
-flex-a-lite 210s

This summer i'll be adding:

-3" GM MAF and MAF-T

After that i think i'll be done for power mods and i'll stick to the interior and exterior of the car. I needs extensive bodywork so i'll have to go out and scope out different body shops. Its been a nice couple yrs, and i think i'll be definetly WAY more satisfied when i get the MAF-T to bump up fuel cut a bit and get the bodywork/paintjob done.

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Bought my car when I was 15 with a blown motor..Rebuilt the motor..along with some port work on the head..then did complete body work..shaved some things off..then I turboed the 7mge..
ported/polished head
ported exhaust manifold
ported and soon to be rebuilt ct-26
msd plug wires with some new copper plugs
walbro 255lph fuel pump
AEM wideband A/F gauge
Greddy Boost gauge
2.5in IC hard pipes
440 injectors along with the stock IC and stock FPR
3in turbo back
some 16in crap rims
intake hard pipe with a high flow k&n

Thats pretty much about it..But thats alot for someone my age I think. (currently 16)


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Hi my name's Ryan, I'm 18 and like long walks on the beach............oh wait wrong description.......

Anyways I've been through my fair share of supras.

1989 N/A automatic (drove this car, belonged to dad)
1987 turbo 5-speed (got fucked on the selling for over 1,500)
1996 twin turbo auto (most reliable car EVER)
1990 turbo 5-speed (BPUKILR)

Alright so here's the story. I had a 96TT for awhile, and although I loved the car, it was apparent that the 3rd gen was in my blood. I ended up selling the TT for 13.5 plus his 90 turbo. Here's a pic of the 96:

Anyways, got the MKIII and low and behold 2 weeks later the turbo seals go out, as well as finding a billion other miscellanious shit wrong with the car. So I started fresh. Scrapped the motor, and decided to save some time and beef it up in the process.

She's now runnin like a champ, and will be tuned here in a couple weeks. Shooting for 450rwhp at 22psi, and 500rwhp at 28-30psi. Both on race gas, obviously.


K&N Intake
Lexus AFM FMIC w/hardpipes
RC Engineering 550cc injectors
NGK Plug wires
NGK 3330 plugs gapped to .028
Fluidyne Radiator
Suspension Techniques springs
Suspension Techniques sway bars
Apexi Strut tower bar (front)
Tokico Blue Struts
MKIV TT wheels with MT ET streets
Blitz Nur-Spec Exhaust
Sound Performance divorced downpipe
Sound Performance SP61 turbo (.70 A/R 61mm GT wheel)
Apexi S-AFC
Greddy Profec B EBC
Apexi turbo timer
Aeromotive Fuel Pressure Regulator
Walbro 255lph fuel pump
Titan Motorsports 2.0mm MHG
ARP Headbolts

I'm sure I'm missing some stuff, as I can't remember all the mods on the car.

Anyways here's some pics:

Anyways, she's been my love and hate :run:

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you guys know me. im 18.

89 turbo. was my dad's. original owner. now it's mine :wavey:

heres some old and newer pics of my car :)

and the latest light weight mod. gonna do something different soon :bigthumb:

-Joe :run:

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22 and under club here...

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im 15, ive been driving my supra to and from work for over a year now without a license.

Not your average auto mk3
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Im in......21 till december :p

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I'm 21 and I own a 1988 Silver Turbo/Targa 5 speed

Currently I'm the 2nd owner, bought the car 3 years ago at 96k miles, now it's at 115k

My only mods are
Hks Dp
Apexi Intake
Custom 3 inch exhaust
Tokico Blue
Eibach Springs

As for now I don't want to mod this car further, I am happy the way it runs right now, maybe down the road once, I've completed nursing school, I can afford some serious mods later on.

Aighty then here are some pics !!

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