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i have brand new tires for sale , friend owed me money but chose to copy my purchase for my tires for his GS instead of paying up so he finally saw the light and handed them over to me as repayment so

they are conti sport 3

i have a set of them on my car right now with the exception i did 305/25/20 to better fit my 20x11 rim.. these will fit perfectly on a front rim of 20x8 to 20x9 and for the rears 20x10 to 20x10.5

they are super smooth and super quiet and turn in repsonse is as crisp as ever but yet yields a very compliant ride..

all you guys rollin 20's with the 35 series up front front and 30 series out back should reconsider the 30 series and 25 series .. these will keep your over diameter almost stock as opposed to the larger that bumps you over 1 inch over stock diameter

i feel no diff in ride comfort as compared to my 19in set up.. i have driven on mine since fri when i got my 20's on. now guys remember most of you dont have as ridgid a susp setup that i have with all my braces and teins flex coils and race sways and yet the ride is so smooth

new these retail for 1300 total , i promised my friend i would not do this for a profit so i will do 950 shipped within 48 states or best reasonable offer

also these are some of the lightest tires around at a mere 26lbs in the rear

heres some pics

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