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anyone one have to know where i can the the blueprint for the supra n/a 2jz-ge engine without vvt. i am doing some serious reserach and development to explore what can be done with the engine. i have 93.5 supra and need these. Thanks

also what the differenmce in the is300 motor and are motor?
are there internal differnce or are the intake manfold
and header different? please give me anything you
know .Appreciate it:cool:

hey check out ... in their tech section look under 93 supra book or something like that... its has like a 250++ page *all scanned* section of all the parts of a supra and everything... I'll double check to make sure and if this is what u need i hope it helps =) if not i'll keep looking

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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