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Most parts come off a 92 and 93 SC300. Prices do not include shipping. I'm shipping from a business location @ zip code 32725. If you see something you need that is not listed, just ask!! All parts working and believed to still be in good condition since removed from my personal cars.
Ric [email protected]

SC300 Mass Air Sensor(2): $50 each

OEM Air Box for Mass air (2): $20 each

OEM Soarer Air Box non-mass air: $20

2JZGE Valve Covers (2 sets): $40 each set or $80 each set powdercoated any color

Rear sump oil pan setup(upper/lower) with pump(2 left): $150 each

2JZGE intake manifold setup (2): $100 each, $150 powdercoated any color

Throttle bodys with sensors(2): $50 each

Automatic parts transmission:
Bellhousing. $30
pan: $15
VSS setup: $30

Good SC3 auto transmission 120kmi: $200

Waterpump pully(2): $15 each powdercoated any color

Belt tensioner(2): $30 each

2JZGE complete head under 150k miles(2): $200obo each

SC300 2JZGE Wireharness uncut(2): $200obo each

Alot more stuff, just cant remember... :)
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