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I have a little tricky problem with my 2jz-gte...


- 2jz-gte J-spec in an Mk3.
- Greddy T78 turbo
- Sard 850 cc injectors
- ICV Removed
- Aem ems 1100


As soon as the RPM goes to 1000/1100 rpm, the engine dies... know mather if its cold or warm, it will not run on idle :/ This came suddenly, it has been running fine for 2 years until now.

I know that the aem and the map is working, so the problem is most likely not there... i tried it on another car, and it was running fine.

When i connect my computer to the AEM i can read all data from sensors and so on, everything looks normal.

Any ideas??

Can it be a earth problem in the wiring somewhere??

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