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So for sometime now I have been smelling what smells like unburnt fuel when I start the car up and cold days I can see a good amount of exhaust from the tail pipes. After reading a few prior posts I decided to test my Ignition Coil and I think my coil is either dying or I tested it wrong.

I followed the manual for testing the coil and the resistance was in range for the secondary coil resistance but not for the primary coil resistance.

Primary Coil Resistance: 000.6 Ohm (Cold 0.21-0.33 Hot 0.27-0.39)
Secondary Coil Resistance: 9.32 Kohm (Cold 0.64-11.1 Hot 8.2-13.0)

The thing is my car is not miss firing or idling odd but from a dead stop the car seems powerless and at higher rpms it is slow to climb.

Sluggish (from a dead stop the RPM's need to hit around 2k for the speed register on the tach)

Somewhat Low Idle (around 400 or so)

When car reaches 4k rpm it does not move like I think it should.

TERRIBLE gas mileage about 15 miles to the gallon

Holding the key down abit longer to start the car after sitting for over 12 hours.

Last August I changed the Plugs/Wires/Distributor Cap and Rotor.

Other than that the car is pretty good lol. I highly doubt that the coil is causing ALL the issues..............but then again it could be playing into them, think?

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You know, the vast majority of multimeters will simply not be sensitive enough to test the low impedance side of the coils. I would suggest finding a friend with a car that runs well, to swap coilpacks and give them a whirl.

And just make sure that you have the polarity correct on the connectors...
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