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2jzge turbo alternative

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Hey I'm new here and I don't own a Supra I own a Lex SC300 and was curious if anyone could answer this question about switching 2jzge and 2jzgte parts. Would it be cheaper to swap out a 2jzgte head from a TT Supra switch out the manifolds, sensors, etc and upgrade the turbo/turbos, fuel system, rebuild block with lower compression and such than to just buy a complete 2jzgte? Just curious because I'm trying to save money on turboing my SC300 auto but would rather like to have a more genuine "2jzgte" alternative that a 2jzge with a slapped on turbo. I don't think it would cost as much as paying 10gs for a 2jzgte and dropping it in. Just some thought because I came from club4ag since I have a 88 corolla gts also and always contemplated the 7af/4ag combination to make the 7ag which some people I know did. I must be babbling but its sort of like what the honda people are doing with ls/vtec and b20/vtec conversions. Anyone ever thought of this or done it.

93 SC300 auto
88 AE92
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