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David Geiger
Paypal, or Cash
Kissimmee FL
$550 +pp fees + shipping
Text is fastst way to get in touch: 407-738-9659

I have a turbo manifold for sale. It was made by UnderPressure Racing. The car it came off of was making north of 500hp with no issues. I no longer need it, that is the reason for the sale I am asking 550$ +shipping +pp fees. Shipping is roughly 60 bucks if you want an idea.

Gives you an idea of turbo placement and wastegate placement. NO the wastegate is not included. It is t4 footprint and 44mm for wastegate.

12688204_577498155741547_6901256061297416213_n.jpg 20160213_184356.jpg 20160213_184412.jpg

1 - 2 of 2 Posts