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Well, first make sure you have the correct car. The 260-Z was only offered as a 1974 model and a 1974 1/2 model. The 280-Z was offered from 1975 through 1978.

There are kits available to drop-in the Chevy small block and total costs, time, effort will be done before you figure out which Toyota motor to use. Why wouldn't you choose to use a Skyline RB26DETT or even a RB25DET motor? I did hear of a Z with a Nissan V-8 from the Q45... now that would be a sweet swap. The V-8 is 2 cylinders shorter than an Inline-6, so weight is set behind the front axle, and the the "V" style block is a lower profile...better handling, plus you get the V-8 torque. I've been wanting to put the Toyota/Lexus 4.3 V8 with a 6-speed in the Supra, a`la Japanese Corvette.

I'm guessing your only concerned with the turbo motors(-GTE's). Depending upon year or model the numbers may vary slightly...
The 7M-GTE is a 3.0 ltr., DOHC, single turbo, rated at 230ps/5600rpm
The 1JZ-GTE is a 2.5 ltr., DOHC, twin turbo, rated at 280ps/6200rpm
The 2JZ-GTE is a 3.0 ltr., DOHC, twin turbo, rated at 280ps/5600pm (U.S. versions 320hp)
All of these are capable of 400 plus hp, though the 7M-GTE did have an inherent head gasket problem.

Good Luck
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