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(For a more detailed build description with ALL the pictures see my instagram @nick2jzul8r or my Facebook "Nick Stonawski")

Alright I'm going to keep this kinda of short and sweet here because i could type pages of stuff and it will only make me cry. Months of headaches, blood sweat tears and too much lack of sleep I have finished the "Engine bay project" for 2017. I learned so much in this build i feel expert level in everything forward of the windshield on the mkiv.

Doing some minor maintenance at a friends shop (L-Spec) one night, I threw the idea of painting the engine bay since the bay is the original blatic blue and the exterior of the car was painted spectra 8m6 blue by the previous owner. My buddy said "Fuck it lets do it! Start pulling!" I thought he was joking. Next thing you know we are ripping stuff out and my other buddy standing there Lance comes in to help. And so began what should have taken only a few weeks ended up taking 4 months. Won't go into detail but had some unfortunate circumstances with another forum member and then the body shop next door.

Goal was show worthy engine bay making 800RWHP! Stripped it all down, painted the bay, cleaned up alot of wiring and clutter, upgraded a few components including the clutch built the head, and chromed what I could on the outside because im done with polishing over and over and over. Debuted it at a car show with my buddy Johns NSX (he also has a clean rhd mkiv Supra and is about to acquire a unicorn supra soon too) this last weekend here in Little Tokyo LA and got A LOT of love. Even got some attention from Super Street magazine.

Already back int he shop this week for ful E85 fuel system upgrade. HP numbers soon to come in time for Supras in Vegas.

Anyway pics speak for themselves.


Lance and Alex before


Night one!

And its cleared

Total eclipse of the heart

Riding 4x4 next to this GTR

Empty prepaint


Engine in with the horn i spent almost a year trying to source


Catch can lines to intake

Old and busted to new and clean... Finished with air filter assembly

Back home with the wifes mk3


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Catch can up close

Debut at nisei with Johns NSX

Roll in

At the show

Wide angles

I am the big wiener!

Sizing up with Craig Higa. :lol: He's got the cleanest MK3 you have ever seen and wins at pretty much every show!!!

At dusk

HKS POWER plates in memory of my friend Mike Urbano who had "HKS POWR" on his blue mk3 back in the day.

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Sweet stuff!

Needs HKS carbon bar. LMK if you want to make that happen.

Also - you have any idea if the HKS Racing BOV has the same footprint as a SSQV??


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Thanks guys!

Sweet stuff!

Needs HKS carbon bar. LMK if you want to make that happen.

Also - you have any idea if the HKS Racing BOV has the same footprint as a SSQV??

Hahaha! Oh the infamous Kansai bar. Tempting. Ill let you know if i can save up enough. :p

The flange is the same. When i took the shield apart it looks the exact same as the regular ssqv. Though i know the internals differ along with of course the cover. ;)

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Outstandingly well done, Nick!

I'm a *little* sad to see you change the classic HKS shroom over to a newfangled filter, but I understand.

She looks best with the HKS trumpet inlet anyway! :beer:

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Outstandingly well done, Nick!

I'm a *little* sad to see you change the classic HKS shroom over to a newfangled filter, but I understand.

She looks best with the HKS trumpet inlet anyway! :beer:
Thanks Jeff. Yeah it was hard to say goodbye to a few HKS products including the HKS FPR I swapped out for a purple top Fuel Lab regulator this week. But with great power comes... comes great performability (if that's a word) :lol: . HKS filter has proven time and time again not to be the best for filtration and has a limited surface area. I did A LOT of research and the dry Amsoil filter is the best option and its blue which matches the theme too. ;)

The "Trumpet" will blow away the competition at shows only.

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Ripped the old fuel system out since this weekend. I have NEVER seen an HKS T51R "KAI" version actually crack what its rated for, 800hp. Yet to see any numbers/graphs from a KAI with E85. So this will be interesting. Going to go as far as Ian tuning for FSR will allow with the stock bottom end.

The old:
HKS 800cc injectors
SS Fuel lines
Single Walbro pump
HKS Fuel Rail
Generic Fuel pressure gauge (leaked out all fluid inside face)

The New Fuel setup:
Fuel Injector Clinic 1650cc
Fuelab AFPR (purple top of course) :cool:
Fuelab 6 micron E85 Fuel Filters x2
Full Steel braided PTFE lined hose kit with fittings
Earls fittings
Flex Fuel sensor
Dual Walbro E85 rated 450lph In-tank Fuel Pumps
FSR Dual pump bracket
FSR Dual Fuel pump wiring kit with Heavy Duty Relays
HKS Fuel rail (same) using top port for return
TurboSmart Fuel pressure guage

Should be ready next week to break necks! Just in time for Supras In Vegas in 3 weeks. :)


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So that shop is about 5 min from where I used to live and didn't even know it existed. Went back to visit a couple months ago and my brother in law tells me theres a shop that always has supras in front. So naturally I had to check it out haha. Get there a d see the blue car and find out that's your new car (always knew you by the red one). Talked to the shop owner for a while and left but got to see this car in person. Looks great and love all of the little details and of course the HKS stuff. Maybe I'll catch you there one of these days.

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So we put it all to the test and maxed out the turbo a few days ago on the dyno!

Did A LOT of research and have yet to find a T51R KAI journal bearing make this high HP of any vehicle make! This may be a record. :cool:

edit: 766RWHP 600RWTQ @ 30psi

Engine has plenty left but the turbo is out of breath. VERY happy with the numbers! Now i plan to attend and compete in the half mile races to attack some exotics. :cool:

Just did a photo shoot with Super Street Magazine as they are doing a web feature on my Supra which should be coming out soon. I'll post when it comes out.

Here is the updated list of mods too:


New Toyota 3.0L 2jzgte Long Block
HKS T51R KAI Turbo
HKS Exhaust Manifold
HKS Type-R Wastegate
HKS Fuel Rail
HKS Type-R Intercooler
HKS Intercooler pipes
HKS Racing type II blow off valve
HKS Turbo Velocity Stack
HKS Downpipe
HKS Midpipe
HKS Turbo Heat Shield
HKS Silicone couplers
HKS Timing Belt
FSR Motorsports E85 Complete PTFE Fuel line kit
FSR Motorsports Dual pump wiring/relay kit
FSR Motorsports Dual Fuel Pump Bracket
Fuel Injector Clinic 1650cc Injectors
Fuelabs Fuel Pressure Regulator
Fuelabs 6 Micron Dual Fuel Filters
Walbro E85 450lph Dual Fuel Pumps
L-Spec Performance Intake pipe
Amsoil Dry Air Filter
GReddy SP Exhaust
LoudValves Boost Activated Exhaust Cutout
MVP Motorsports Billet Tensioner Bracket
Vibrant Performance Closed Loop Catch Can
Russell Performance ProClassic Hoses
ColorFittings Purple AN fittings
GSC Power Division S1 Billet Camshafts
Brian Crower Valve Springs and Titanium Retainers
Koyo Aluminum Radiator
Turbosmart Fuel pressure Gauge
TRD radiator cap
TRD oil cap
Optima Blue Top Battery

Getrag V160 6-speed
South Bend Stage 3 Endurance Clutch
C’s short throw shifter

Engine Management:
AEM Infinity 6 EMS
AEM Boost Controller
AEM Flex Fuel Sensor
HKS Twin Power Ignition Type DLI
HKS Turbo timer

Footwork & Chassis:
HKS Pillow Ball Mounts
Tein HA Coilovers
Cusco Rear Strut Tower Bar
TRD Front and Rear Sways bars

Wheels & Tires:
Volk Racing SF Challenge 19x8.5(F), 19x11(R)
Hankook Ventus V12 Evo2 235/35/19(F), 295/30/19(R)

Stop Tech Slotted Brake Rotors
Stainless Steel Brake Lines

Lexus Blue Paint (Code 8M6)
97-98 Headlights, Taillights and Turn signals
Phillips HID kit
CarFashion Front Lip

HKS Peak Hold/Warning Boost meter 60mm
Pioneer Navigation/DVD
Pioneer Amplifiers
Pioneer Subwoofer
Alpine Speakers

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