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2nd Dyno run with Uni-Chip

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I have run my 2nd Dyno with the new Uni-Chip. It IS NOT the New Uni-Chip that also does the timing. I will do this in the next week.The new chip is done and we will test it soon. As some of you know Steve T, He is hoping this works for Supra's. So far it has done well. and for under $1k, tuning incl.d

97' TT 6sp
Exhaust+HKS DP I still have 1 cat
SBC-iD Boost set at 17
Pump gas (92)
Air intake
No other mods
A/F 11.5 (safe)


Welcome any feedback

Stu H.
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what was the first dyno run graph? I dont know what to comapre to...
Hey, Tuner M has a 2JZ Supra with a single setup that is using the new unichip, it works really well in the car.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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