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2nd Turbo doesn't come online

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The second turbo does not come online at all. This usually happens when the car is cold. I warm the car up and when I first go WOT, the second will not come online. The next time I give it WOT the second turbo will come online and everything works fine from then on out. This doesnt happen all the time. Only every now and then but has become more frequent recently. The car runs perfectly other than that.

Any suggestions?
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mine reacted almost the same way 8 month ago...

RESET the ECU, that helped me out after that the 2nd turbo came online again every time.

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few options:
1.check for vacuum leak, pull on all vacuum hoses, replace one's thats loose.
2. do TTC mode and see if it helps. if it does, that means 1 of your valve is not opening up fully. I have seen VSV that controls the valve go bad and that will prevernt #2 from coming online.

yeh reset ECu and see what happens. but make sure you have a boost gauge to see how much you boosting. dont just tell us that you "feel" #2 didnt come on.
Ben, it could be early sign of your pressure tank starting to leak. I don't know why, but from things I've read from others, it sounds like a failing pressure tank.

By the way, what happened to your signature?
I think my sig is messed up b/c I took this semester off from school and the pictures were hosted on my NC State page.

I think I am just going to try TTC and see how that is. If I dont like it, I will go hunting for what the intermittent problem is.

*** If it wasn't clear, the sequential system works fine almost all the time. It is only sometimes that it doesnt come online. It is almost always when I go WOT for the first time after the car has sat overnight.
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