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Hi guys, I have a 2003 Matrix XRS with the 2ZZGE motor. it had about 180k miles when I bought it. In FEB I rebuilt the motor with all new bearings, water pump, oil pump and a OEM gasket kit.
The issue im having is that I notice that the car will not engage LIFT and I believe the VVTI system is not working.
I don't have any cels regarding this. only one for the "catalytic converter p0420".
The car drives good just does not feel strong. and lift does not work its my daily driver.

As the engine is idling and I apply 12vdc to test either the VVTI or the VVTL solenoids nothing happens except I hear the Solenoids "CLICKING".(according to the manual its suppose to make the engine run rough at the VVTI solenoid and kill the engine at the VVTL solenoid).

the WEIRD part is that if I drain the engine and refill the engine and perform the test stated above, it WORKS, meaning that it will make the car run rough when I apply voltage to the vvTi solenoid. and if I apply voltage to the VVTL solenoid it kills the engine. as this worked i will took the car out for a spin and the car feels ?GREAT and STRONG for about 3 minutes then I can feel VVTI and LIFT no longer working. then I park the car keeping the engine idling and the test applying 12dc to the solenoids and they no longer stall or kill the motor all they do is "CLICK" again:(.

I feel that I have a oil system issue. what can cause this?
could a bad or crappy engine oil filter cause this?
my engine oil is new and clean and the solenoid SCREENS are clean.
I also have a dent in my oil pan but I wouldn't think this would cause this.
can some gurus please help a brother out.
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