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What is your First & Last name? Sean Joseph
What is your email? [email protected]
What is your City? : Orlando
What is your State? : FL
What is your Zipcode? : 32824

Cell phone: 407 4130707

1500hp 3.4L Shortblock $11,500
CP 87mm bore upgraded wrist pins 9:1 c/r
Carrillo HD rods
Titan billet mains
Titan Billet 94mm Crank
ACL bearings
Titan Oil drive gear
Brand new core block
Stock size head studs

Jun 272 11mm Cams Installed, but never run $700obo

AIM MXL Dash. Installed but never used, still have the original box. missing the instructions, but you can download it from their site. $SOLD

1994 TT Targa Roller *Drag Car*
Chassis 94 TT Targa: $13500.00

25-5 Cage by Errol @ TPS in west palm beach. certified, chute, window net, steering column, steering wheel, rack & pinion (lightweight to remove power steering) modified radiator support with chromoly tubing to hold 2 fuel cells, small fluidyne radiator and dry sump tank (peterson) clean title, car was originally black and was hit but has been fixed and will be sold in primer or can be finished in any color for the right money. the back has been flared and widened to fit 325s with some room for more.


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I tried to buy that roller before. Can you send me some pics underneath the car and more detailed pics of the cage? Will it cert? Moly?

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Vouch for the cage work, saw it in person when Errol was building it. Good luck with everything Sean!
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