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3 roommates, 2 Supras

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Last Friday I picked up my new car, a meticulously maintained '88 Turbo 5-speed and this is my first time posting pics of it. It looks stock, but it gets up and goes pretty well. Full 3" exhaust, 50-trim CT-26 @ 11psi, stock fuel, HKS MHG etc etc. I'm thinking about picking up some 5-spoke wheels in the stock size as the car has pretty much new Yokohama AVS's on it. I'm looking forward to dynoing the car later this month. It used to belong to the friend of my roommate with the GSX.

My two roommate's cars are in the pics as well, a '95 SE Supra and a '98 Eclipse GSX. He typically runs TT wheels, he has a set waiting to be polished to go on, as well as a 57mm single NA-T kit that'll be on in a couple weeks hopefully. The GSX is pretty heavily built and blurs the line between street car and track car for HPDE's and the like.

Anyways, on to the pics:

And some other shot's with a few friend's cars....

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Nice pics Goodspeed, I'm proud to park my mkiv next to your mkiii.
Doesn't get much better than an MKIV right next to a 2Gb DSM. :D

Nice cars, all of them.
I only see one supra! jk! :angel:

It has been too long since I have seen the MK3 guys get butt hurt! :love:

Nice cars!

Haha, its cool, I'm a MKIV fan most of all but I love all Supras and this MK3 I picked up is a lot of fun. So far, boost is boost!! And if I need to experience a MKIV for a change up, well, I don't have to look far :)
clean car man, those NA rims would fit your car pretty nice since you'd like to stick with the same tires on the sawblades
I like that FB. Really clean.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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