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any of you NA's come in contact with a 3000gt? He pulled up to me on the freeway wanting to rumble. I was rollin' on my donut :( so i couldn't accept his offer. How do the Supra NA and the 3000gt SL match up?

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One of my friends at school has a 3000gt sl, and I raced him from a stop one day. It was pretty even, and I pulled about 3 cars by 100. But his 3000 GT is pretty old and automatic.

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A 3000Gt...What's that?

I've raced a 1995 3000Gt SL in my 1995 Supra SE with exhaust, and filter, and I beat him pretty bad from a rolling start, but his was 5 speed, mine is automatic, so at a dead stop, he had me on the holeshot but I was barely gaining on him.

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I know a few 3000gt sl that would be a very good match for you supra.:)

93 SL
Arospeed intake
Exhaust Tec muffler
Unorthordox pulley
Catco freeflow cat
Walbro 255lph fuel pump
NGK (R5671A-7) copper plugs
Magnecor 8.5mm wires
Intrax springs
Rps Stage II clutch
Finandaz flywheel
3SX motor mount
N.O.S. nitrous 100shot
Dynoed [email protected]
VR4 360cc injectors(soon)
Apexi Super AFC(soon)

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hey i remember those. I ran one back in the day on the freeway. I assume his was stock. I had an 83 ghetto supra with an HKS filter and some crap (insert crappy brand here) performance muffler.

we dropped it at about 65 and we were dead even all the way. By the time we were getting over 100 (which took forever by the way, LOL), i was starting to nudge an inch or so probably due to the HKS breathing better at higher RPMS. I finally gained a whole fender (wow) at 125 and we let off...

Moral of story? If that SL can't beat the old school supra, then it should be no problem for MK4 N/A, especially with intake/exhaust. If you lose to a stock SL, that's plain sad.
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