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myrpmredline said:
3000GT V-4
Does the Active Aero system drop the car at all? I was told it did. I thought it just activated the spoiler system. The car remained at the same height. The suspension may stiffen up when activated I'm not sure.

I also hear people say the transmission in the car is weak, lookin at some specs on line I found the transmission was a Getrag? Wonder why that 6 speed trans is weak? any inf will help, thanks

When you enable active aero, the rear spoiler goes up. there's also a black panel under the front bumper which comes down about 2". the actual height of the car stays the same.
What they may have been refering to is ECS (electronic controlled suspension) found in 91-96 models. It doesn't lower the car either, but it switches the ride quality from tour to sport mode(stiffer).

moving on to the tranny:
it's not weak. it can handle large amounts of power without modification. It can't, however, handle abusive driving. what i mean by that is 5K clutch dumps all the time. If you are looking at buying one, make sure it hasn't been abused and the tranny shifts smoothly. Then all you have to do is take care of it, and it will treat you nice.
I bought mine 3½ years ago with 30K miles, it has 62K right now and it has yet to give me any problems.
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