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lawdogg said:
Scott, I just wrote up all the information concerning the VR-4 drivetrain and its issues, but SupraForums decided to clear my cookies and I lost the post. :(

Cliffnotes: '91-92.5: Al transfer case, 18spline output shaft = weak
'92.5-'99: 25-spline output shaft = stronger
'94-'99: steel transfer case = stronger

I have also heard light internet rumors that the 6-spd is weaker than the 5-spd Getrag but have not seen any conclusive evidence.

Your car collection is very impressive, and I think a 3000GT VR-4 would be the perfect addition. :bigthumb:

-Ryan :)
the 6spd's actual transmission case is weaker than the 5spd case, but the t-case is stronger, go figure, mitsu gave 5spd's a stronger tranny and a weaker t-case, exactly the opposite for 6spds :stickpoke

mechanically, in the 1st gens, 92.5-93 are more superior(5spd, 25spline t-case, 4bolt mains etc)
2nd gens 94-95 are superior because of logging abilities, 6spd etc etc.

now the tranny problems start showing after you are making above 500awhp and doing high rpm launches. as been said, treat it right and it'll treat you good.
mostly you gotta load up the drivetrain when launching so that the initial shock doesnt break stuff.
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