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300rwhp NA?

  • Yes, I'm sure of it.

    Votes: 46 32.2%
  • Maybe, let's hope so.

    Votes: 44 30.8%
  • Maybe but not likely.

    Votes: 31 21.7%
  • Hell no!!!

    Votes: 22 15.4%
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I'm going to take a poll and see who all thinks I can hit 300rwhp NA. Let's get the votes started.....Also, don't ask what I'm going to do, you'll just have to wait and see.


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:doh: Dont tell me there is a rebirth about to happen here. Why leave us in the dark? Its kind of hard on a forum to tell you if you are going to make power when you DONT say what mods you did. Its kinda like telling everyone hey guys I just got a new car think I can run a 14 second quarter mile? Lets take some bets! Best of luck trying to get that number but WHY will you NOT tell us what is done to the car?

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i think its easy to lose track of realistic goals with engines

i dont think you can get 300 to the wheels with a 3.0 engine without nitrous or turbo or supercharger or MAJOR bottom end work

you could increase the stroke (now its not a 3.0) you could bore out the cylinders and find bigger pistions (again not a 3.0) but still 300 to the wheels on an auto is gonna mean about 387 to the crank and a little less on a mani.... that would be nice but i dont think so.

you could run a thinner head gasket and/or mill the head down to raise the compression ratio and you would have to run high octane alll the time that might give you a little bit more maybe 20 or 30? i dont know

good luck if you can pull it off im sure you can get lots of money from lots of folks on this forum

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with what your planning, i see 300bhp pretty easily. 300whp on the other hand may be pushin it abit.

you can get to abit above 200whp with bolt ons. intake, header, AFC, exhaust should get you there. i did 198.34whp. add in a timing adjustment to 13-14btdc, the egr block off plates, TB coolant bypass and maybe you can get another 10rwhp.

that leaves 90whp for you to achieve that goal of 300whp. So you can open up the engine, make it rev higher, flow better,cams, cam gears, get a stroker kit, overbore, higher compression, lighter rods and pistons, lighten crank. thats about all i can think of.

if you can get to 300rwhp that way more power to you, but do you really want to run 100 octane everywhere and spend over 10 grand? i mean isnt the 3.2L stroker kit like 7,000 and the 3.3L stroker like 10,200?

another thing to keep in mind, the I6 likes to give torque gains over hp gains....unless you go with a large exhaust.

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yea, it's gonna cost you an ungodly amount to hit 300 at the wheels... i mean ungodly, and you car will probably not be very streetable when done either... why do you wanna do that to your poor car

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I've spoken to Ryan about this and he has a nice list of mods to do. I'm not sure if he will hit 300rwhp but I sure do hope so. Just vote on the poll , don't reply with the "Do you know how much this is going to cost?" or "This is what you need to do for 300rwhp". Believe me, he knows what he's doing. I wish him luck on this and maybe he will become an inspiration to others if he succeeds.

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Let's see...without opening the engine:

  1. Ram Air
  2. Intake
  3. AEM MAF Eliminator
  4. Headers
  5. Heat Shield for Headers and Intake
  6. Catless Downpipe
  7. Catback Exhaust
  8. Cam Gears
  9. Pulleys
  10. Electric Fans
  11. AEM Management System
  12. Oil Coolers
  13. Coolent Bypass/EGR Plate/Ground Wire Kit/Etc....
  14. Stickers!:bigthumb: :wtf:

    That should get you around 225-250rwhp. Meeting the difference should be a sinch between boring, lighter components, cams, etc... In fact, if you can't then there is something wrong.


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Not a hope in hell with those 280 degree 10mm lift cams you were talking about in that other thread the other day.

300rwhp is roughly 350 flywheel hp (using your conversion factors which assumes 15% drivetrain loss). Aside from any other (extensive) work, you'll need 300+ degree and 11+ mm lift cams.

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Nope, not on bolt ons. If you go invasive, yes. At least use a ported head, cams, & an operating system that lets you run above 7.5 k rpms & breathe properly there. The BMW M3 gets 330 crank hp from 3.3 liters, but at elevated rpms. I'd like to see more on that 400 hp n/a for sure! Been look9ing at that picture for 2 years now!
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